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How to implement an ERP system to digitally transform your business in a seamless and budget friendly way with RSM's ERP solutions

What is an erp system?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined by the idea of managing various business processes through an integrated platform. An ERP system brings together processes such as inventory management, accounting, communication and so much more. This centralized platform makes all of the processes involved more efficient and effective. Implementing an ERP solution is the key to digital tranformation in your business and RSM will utilize its trained experts to implement the solution that you need to grow and streamline your business.

Why is there a need to have aN ERP SYSTEM?

Intelligent and effective use of technology is vital to the sustainable success of an organisation. Smooth running systems and efficient business processes are a primary requirement to remain competitive, drive down costs and increase customer satisfaction. For a business to successfully and sustainably grow and achieve its goals it needs to remain modern and relevant. However, choosing the best software to achieve this is difficult, as there are so many options. This is why ERP software can be the solution for you. This technology is constantly evolving and changing with a variety of options to choose from to improve your business. It caters to a wide variety of needs and industries, so it will be able to fulfil your specific needs. RSM provides expert advice with well-trained and experienced professionals who can help your business utilize the technology to its fullest potential.

Our services:

  • ERP & CRM Implementation: implement, optimize and support Oracle NetSuite, Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP solutions
  • Cloud Office Applications: procure licenses, implement systems and migrate legacy data to new applications
  • Software Selection: provide guidance on software selection and recommend the most appropriate accounting, ERP or CRM software for your company
  • Cost Estimation: estimate the capital expenditure and future running costs of the physical or cloud IT infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence: perform data cleansing and implement business intelligence tools to delivery insightful analytics
  • Project Management: offer professional project management services for technology implementation projects

our products:

Oracle Netsuite


Why should you work with rsm TO IMPLEMENT YOUR ERP SYSTEM?

  • One-stop shop that provide CTO / CIO / CISO level of expertise in advising your IT strategy, risk management and compliance functions
  • Dedicated partnership with international software companies with rigorous training and certification requirements
  • Scalability of IT headcounts as needed for specialized projects
  • Transparent scoping and budgeting process
  • Technical capabilities, certified professionals and industry knowledge
  • In-house experience that allows striking a balance over cost-benefit consideration
  • Partner's and manager's attention

Global Experience:

  • Global publication firm with geographical coverage in US, China, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Global cosmetics company with geographical coverage in US, China and Hong Kong
  • Global private equity firms with geographical coverage in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Global IT security company with geographical coverage in US, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Leading water filtration manufacturing company with coverage in China, Hong Kong

Local Experience:

  • Top fitness company with regional coverage in Hong Kong (HQ), Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Singapore
  • Leading online retail platform in Hong Kong
  • ````````10+ Hong Kong-based listed companies

our pricing:

Email: [email protected]

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