What is the microsoft sspa dpr assessment?

If you provide services or products to Microsoft, or plan to in the near future, then you need to complete a Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance (SSPA) Data Protection Requirements (DPR) assessment. The SSPA DPR program is an initiative to improve and strengthen the security, transmission and reporting of data across all Microsoft suppliers that process Microsoft Personal Information or Microsoft Confidential Information as part of the execution of an active Master Supplier Services Contract. RSM is a Microsoft-qualified provider of these services and can help you navigate the requirements in a scalable fashion.

RSM provides an SSPA DPR assessment that offers a scalable and efficient approach for your company. RSM will provide a report with results for each applicable control to help your organization evaluate areas of strength and potential weakness. 

Our approach:

RSM Hong Kong provides an efficient and pragmatic SSPA/DPR assessment for your company, obtaining a report with results for each applicable control, which will allow your organization to evaluate the potential strengths and weaknesses of each area. Our evaluation includes

  • Evaluation of SSPA DPR applicability
  • Policy and procedures reviews and updates
  • Data classification reviews
  • A letter asserting whether or not your organization is compliant, to be shared with Microsoft

what RSM Hong Kong can offer you:

RSM is focused on the middle market, with the experience to adapt our assessment to your organization’s specific size, level of security and regulatory demands. Our depth of industry experience and security services allows us to design pragmatic recommendations that allow you to work with one advisor to develop a clear, cohesive cybersecurity strategy.

RSM Hong Kong also has a team of experienced and qualified experts who are ready to cater to you and your businesses needs. Our experience in performing a wide range of cyber governance assessment and advisory projects means that our solutions can have an immediate impact on your security and risk posture, with actionable results that support the needs of your stakeholders from both a technology and executive management perspective