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I am delighted to present the second edition of RSM Hong Kong Transparency Report which provides high-level information on the structure and functions of our firm and our policies and procedures governing the provision of services to our clients.

This report is made in accordance with the requirements of Article 40 of Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on statutory audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements.

2015 is a year for RSM to celebrate and remember.  With the relentless effort of the RSM International Board of Directors and the Executive Office, the global brand launch of RSM was a great success and all RSM member firms share a common name of RSM.  The common brand enables us to leverage on every member firm’s hard work and resources in building the reputation and market awareness of RSM.  More importantly, the global branding reinforces the cohesiveness of all RSM member firms and our common commitments to our core beliefs, vision, mission and values.

Last year we also celebrated our 40th Anniversary and commended the immeasurable amount of work and dedication of our people throughout the years and their significant contributions in developing our high standards.  It is now the job of our current leaders to build on these foundations and to continue to improve on the work done by our predecessors – for our clients, staff and other stakeholders.

The cornerstone of our firm is Quality.  We cannot compete in the ever evolving and complex financial markets without a strong foundation of quality.  We must be consistent, unforgiving of ourselves in delivering anything other than the highest level of quality, embrace and support a culture of continuous improvement, and demand the very best from ourselves and our people.  Quality of services provided should never be compromised at any expense.

Economies around the world need to have confidence about the reliability of both financial and non-financial information upon which they base their decisions about how to invest and allocate their scarce resources and that need for confidence will never end.  We at RSM are absolutely committed to meeting that need and thereby serving the public interest by carefully listening to what is demanded by the public that we serve.

It is our pleasure to share with our stakeholders the RSM vision, mission, values, tone at the top, organisational structure, policies, procedures, tools and protocols as described in this transparency report; all of which demonstrate our absolute commitment to serving the public with integrity and the highest degree of quality.


Wong Poh Weng

Managing Partner


24 March 2016


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