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RSM Technology Monthly Alert - May 2020

Upcoming Events

Seminar on "Digital transformation in professional services industry"

Digital transformation helps to unlock human potential and accelerate new and better ways of working. We are already seeing ample opportunity brought by Digital transformation on enhancing work progress in getting more personalised experience through data-led insights. It can also improve on how talent can be liberated. 
During the current pandemic, Digital transformation is being implemented in many businesses. It might be a challenge for those who are not yet ready to take on the transformation in a short period of time. Join us to find out how we can get to know and be well-prepared to adapt to the new approach. 


  • Pandemic - Top pain points and issues currently facing 
  • How digital technologies transform professional services industry?
  • Pandemic - What the customers are saying?
  • How a Cloud solution can help customer in digital transformation?

Date: 30 June 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m. (HKT)
Organiser: CPA Australia, RSM Hong Kong and Oracle NetSuite

Please click here for more details and registration.

IT Insights

A community movement in the time of COVID-19

Kicking off a grassroots movement to combat COVID-19 together as a global community, Automation Anywhere is announcing the availability of a Free Bot Pack on our free Community Edition platform. Developed by intelligent automation experts at Automation Anywhere and contributed to by our global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software developer community, these bots are designed to automate processes in key business areas that have been impacted the most by COVID-19, including business continuity, work from home, team communication, employee health checks, and more. The Community Edition is the complete package to help users of all skill levels start learning and building automations.

VMware-based cloud technology now available on Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba and VMware have announced the availability of its Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution in mainland China and Hong Kong. The new service will allow customers to use VMware Cloud technologies for a variety of use cases including critical application to cloud migration, data center extension, and disaster recovery to extend VMware-based on premises enterprise workloads to Alibaba Cloud, without needing to rearchitect their environment. This new service will also provide customers in China a powerful platform for modernizing their workloads based on a familiar computing environment and will enable them to take advantage of many of their existing IT processes and workflows.

Blockchain now officially part of China’s technology strategy

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said blockchain will form an integral part of the country's data and technology infrastructure. Blockchain will join other emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) in underpinning the systems China uses to manage the flow of information in the coming years. An NDRC subsidiary has been working on a new Blockchain Service Network (BSN) that would provide companies with access to the tools they need to develop blockchain-based applications. Having already launched for domestic commercial use, it will open for global companies.

System Updates

BlackLine unveils quick-deployment remote audit package to help customers prepare for audits with confidence in uncertain times

With continued and unprecedented macroeconomic uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic and auditors restricted from traveling, many Finance & Accounting (F&A) teams face the prospect of preparing for audits from home for the first time. As a trusted advisor to F&A professionals around the world, BlackLine, Inc. (BL) has unveiled a remote audit solution and services package that can be quickly deployed to help customers prepare for remote audits, ensuring accuracy and integrity in the numbers, as well as security around internal financial controls. The company is offering BlackLine Remote Audit on a complimentary basis to a limited number of qualified customers.

How to find the best Odoo customization company?

Odoo customization has plenty of benefits. It automates and streamlines the business process of companies. Any software customization is a critical investment for businesses. A tailored program should be available that suits perfectly to the business needs for a smooth and productive business run. Customized ERP applications can easily customize a solution to a company's exact needs. Odoo design has many advantages to it. This automates and streamlines the corporate business cycle. Since Odoo ERP is highly tailored to customer requirements, Odoo decreases the difficulty of the job and minimizes the amount of retraining efforts.

Cybersecurity Announcements

Usenet providers reveal major security breaches

Two Usenet major providers have shut down their websites due to a breach at a partner company that has exposed customers to fraud and identity theft. While both UseNeXT and Usenet.nl have blamed "a security vulnerability at a partner company," neither named the supposed culprit used to carry out the attack. It is yet to be identified if the breach happened at the client-side desktop end or on the server side. According to both providers, the interlopers were able to access account holders’ information including names, billing addresses, banking details, and other data shared by users during the account creation process.

ICC issues guide to help MSMEs minimise COVID-19 cyber security risks

A new ICC paper, published on 5th May, 2020, highlights the increased risk to micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) of cyber-attacks due to the covid-19 crisis and sets out concrete steps that can be taken to enhance the security of their operations and workers. It is published as part of a range of resources and tools aiming to help small businesses navigate stay afloat during and post pandemic, the free-to-download guide underscores the importance for companies to be able to identify cyber security threats and effectively manage their information systems during the current crisis, as part of an effective business continuity plan.

Malware uses Google Play Store to bypass Google defence

Google Play Store served as a platform for malicious malware to enter Android devices. The said malware bypassed the Google defence repeatedly. Kaspersky, a Russian security firm revealed that they recovered several Google play apps capable of stealing sensitive data. The malware launches the attack through an advanced back door that the hackers distribute through the Play Store. The attack targets Android users from India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Hackers can get details such as hardware model, operating system, Android version, and the list of apps currently installed. Hackers can then execute payloads that can collect sensitive information such as call logs, location, and more. Through the gathered data, attackers can increase their privileges and be able to evade security detection.