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In any dynamic, entrepreneurial economy such as Hong Kong, some enterprises will suffer financial difficulties. Whether those difficulties are terminal or simply a catalyst for transforming an underperforming business into a thriving enterprise depends on factors such as the speed with which management reacts to its difficulties and its business environment. It also depends largely on the quality of advice they receive from their professional advisors and business colleagues.

Every enterprise faces a different set of challenges, so there is no pro-forma answer for management. Instead, we aim to apply our many years of experience of advising distressed enterprises to providing each and every distressed enterprise with a solution or a set of options based on its unique set of circumstances.

We are commercial, we are practical and above all we recognise that behind every business are individuals and stakeholders who have invested much time, energy and commitment and who have every incentive to do what it takes to rescue the business. We will work with them and their professional advisors to achieve that end.


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Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Services

21 October 2015
A brief glance at the financial pages of any newspaper will point to the rise of corporate fraud, malfeasance, poor corporate governance and simple, but all too often, outright theft.

Restructuring and Insolvency Services

21 October 2015
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