List of Services in Japan

(1) Statutory Audits

Audits Required Under the Companies Act and Under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

We provide high-quality statutory audit services that are in accordance with Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the Companies Act, and the Law Concerning Limited Partnership Agreements for Investment Business. We strive to conduct our audits smoothly by building a relationship of trust with our clients through close communication with them and by thorough training of our staff in the field.


We believe that a high quality audit is not only based on a high level of specialized accounting knowledge, but also on a deep understanding of the business environment and the client itself. We work carefully one-on-one with each client.


Audits of Incorporated Schools

Incorporated Schools that receive subsidies from the government prepare and submit to the authorities in their jusdiction financial statements such as balance sheets, statements of fund balance, and statements of business activity income and expenditure in accordance with the Accounting Standards for Incorporated School. These statements are generally required by the Act on Subsidies for Private Schools to be audited by a public accountanting firm. In April 2013, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology promulgated an ordinance partially revising the Accounting Standards for Incorporated Schools, which requires the application of the revised Accounting Standards for Incorporated Schools from the fiscal year 2015 for schools under its jurisdiction and from the fiscal year 2016 for schools under the jurisdiction of prefectural governors.


We have many CPAs experienced in auditing incorporated schools of all sizes, from comprehensive universities to kindergartens, and our audit team is well versed in Accountin Standards for Incorporated Schools to provide high quality audits.


Audits of Social Welfare Corporations

On March 31, 2016, a law was passed which amended the Social Welfare Act (hereafter the "SWA"). The revised law includes sections for "strengthening the governance of management organizations," "improving the transparency of business operations," "strengthening financial discipline," and other reforms to the social welfare corporation system. In particular, in strengthening the governance of the management organization, in 2017 it became mandatory for social welfare corporations above a certain size to be audited.


Our CPAs with experience and know-how in auditing social welfare corporations provide appropriate advice for accepting accounting audits and complying with the revised law and new accounting standards, and also provide high-quality audits based on their extensive experience.


Audits of Labor Unions

Per Article 5, Paragraph 2-7 of the Labor Union Law, labor unions must be audited by a public accountanting firm. We are committed to conducting efficient and effective audits and will fulfill the leadership role required of us as a qualification.


Other Statutory Audits

In addition to the above statutory audit services, we have many CPAs experienced in a wide variety of other kinds of stautory audits, including audits of independent administrative agencies and comprehensive external audits of local governments. We provide efficient and effective audit services based on our extensive audit experience.


(2) Voluntary Audits

It goes without saying that proper financial statements are needed not only for companies that are required by law to be audited, but also for start-up companies and small businesses. An audit is a very effective way to ensure proper financial statements.


We are experienced in performing voluntary audits for small companies and can provide services that are tailored to the specific needs of each company. We provide high quality audit services that can contribute to business owners who are concerned about their financial reporting systems, as well as to companies that have just started operations.