List of International Work

(1) Referred Work

RSM Seiwa is a member of RSM International, a global accounting professional network firms.
RSM International is the 6th largest international network of accounting firms, with 820 offices in 120 countries (as of January 2024).
RSM Seiwa adopts globally uniformed standards with RSM International member firms and works closely with each other to provide a seamless range of services to both Japanese and overseas clients.
When we receive requests for oversea works from clients in Japan, we work closely with local network firms to provide a variety of services available.
In addition, when we receive requests from oversea clients for business development in Japan, we provide optimal services in cooperation with other RSM member firms in Japan.


(2) Audits in Preperation of Overseas IPOs

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hong Kong is positioned as a gateway to China and as a global financial center for many companies. Its importance is further increasing due to the development of China and the need for global financing. RSM Seiwa has grown together with our clients and continue to understand the importance of the decision of our clients to enter the Hong Kong market.


Singapore Stock Exchange

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) continues to grow steadily above the global economic average, and Singapore is at the center of this growth. Singapore's business environment is among the world's best; it ranks second in the "Ease of Doing Business Index" and seventh in the "Corruption Perception Index" in the global rankings of business environment (source: data compiled by Mizuho Research Institute). We works closely with our member firm, RSM Singapore, to in order to provide our clients with a shortcut to entry into the Asian market.