Corporate Tax Planning

Since taxes are an unavoidable part of your business, support by qualified tax consultants for tax planning has many advantages for your company. The insufficient or improper handling of tax questions can have considerable financial consequences and clearly limit your company's performance and its possibilities for growth.

Therefore, RSM Kosovo has a balanced, comprehensive approach oriented toward the overall success of your company and not just toward the short-term yield. Our specialists will help you find the correct tax positioning for saving money while at the same time achieving your business objectives.


  • Tax planning (corporate group, small and medium-sized companies)
  • Tax compliance
  • Personnel-related taxes
  • Transaction services
  • Planning of subsequent and exit taxation
  • Non-profit/tax-exempt organizations

Tax Consulting

The efficient management of your own tax matters and the need to always be familiar with the current tax regulations can above all be a challenge when you have assets in several countries or different legal systems. RSM Kosovo offers you effective planning and sound consulting to help you make the right decisions for your personal objectives and avoid negative effects on your assets.


  • Income tax planning and preparation of tax statements
  • Tax consulting when buying or selling property
  • Succession and transfer planning
  • Valuation issues

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