Without doubt, the success of an acquisition to an acquirer, be it a corporate or financial investor, can be significantly influenced by the extent and quality of the Transaction Services.

How we can help you with transaction services

Financial Due Diligence is a core component of company transactions and arises from the duty of care of the entrepreneur. The key component of our services is the analysis of the asset, financial and earnings situation, and of corporate planning, in order to evaluate opportunities and risks better. It is our goal, to significantly empower the buyer’s position with the obtained information.

The extent of a due diligence orients itself by your needs and can comprise the following topics among others:

  • Analysis of the asset, financial and earnings situation
  • Preparation of the adjusted historic performance and cash-flow key indicators
  • Analysis of risks, opportunities and sensitivities in corporate planning
  • Fiscal analysis of the company with the primary target of detecting concealed liabilities and risks
  • Market analysis in regards to market share, segmentation, growth and competitive situation of the company
  • Development of solutions and strategies for potential deal breakers

Due diligence is especially used to identify hidden risks and opportunities, to reduce transaction risk by improving the basis of information, and to strengthen the negotiating position versus the seller.

The complexity of fair value measurement increases as fair value takes root in financial reporting and contractual arrangements among buyers, sellers, customers, vendors and employees. Routine business transactions often now require the computation of fair value as do strategic investment decisions.

Our professionals come from large accounting firms and independent valuation firms of national repute. They each have a background in a specialist area, as well as a deep grounding in core valuation concepts. They are known for their thoughts on complex topics and support of the valuation industry in a variety of leadership roles. We draw from extensive experience across a wide range of industries, building on RSM's industry-focused groups. When our clients are valuing a business or other transaction, RSM brings all of this to the table for them and more. We are supported by a technical accounting team with experience from the national offices of large accounting firms, who monitor changes in the accounting standards and regulations with valuation implications.

Let RSM bring its proven corporate valuation services to bear on your next transaction.

Our team is able to serve as a mediator to clients looking to secure private equity and debt financing from local, regional and global financial institutions, as well as through our extensive network. Key elements of such processes include:

  • Conducting a preliminary discussion regarding valuation expectations, optimal timing, process strategy and goals
  • Performing detailed, up-front due diligence to fully develop an investment thesis while maximizing our ability to position the company most positively in the marketplace and minimizing the likelihood of negative surprises during later investor due diligence
  • Preparing an offering memorandum supporting the investment thesis with the requisite facts and data
  • Determining the most appropriate group of potential investors, whether financial and/or strategic
  • Confidentially marketing the business to potential investors
  • Providing objective advice regarding available opportunities
  • Negotiating the term sheet
  • Facilitating and monitoring investor due diligence
  • Assisting in the negotiation of a formal definitive agreement and closing the transaction

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