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Purchase and sell appraisal

Whether you are buying or selling, Audit company RSM Macedonia can provide you with the help needed to evaluate and verify the true value of your investment or divestment.

Finance, strategy, marketing, management and legal due diligence

Based in finance, but also considering all areas of the business like strategy, marketing, management and legal, our due diligence can make your decision much easier.

Negotiations during the transaction

Audit company RSM Macedonia can also be involved in the negotiation during the transaction.



  • Valuation of trade companies

  • Valuation of public enterprises

  • Valuation of real estate

  • Valuation of transport assets

  • Valuation of movables

  • Valuation of industrial property

  • Valuation of machines and equipment

  • Valuation of IT equipment

  • Valuation of agriculture

Certified appraisers

Our team includes certified appraisers in many areas of valuation who will pin-point the value of any questioned asset.

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