Corporate Governance and Compliance Services (ERM)

The effective introduction, implementation and embedding of risk management systems within an organization’s own strategic and operational decision-making processes are essential for success in business.

In the modern world, corporate governance is a crucial factor within enterprise risk management (ERM), as sound business practices contribute towards an enhanced level of security across the board. That means shareholders are protected, as are the rights of any third parties, while the organization itself can create a clear and concise strategy that will deliver success.

Here at RSM Saudi Arabia, we can provide the corporate governance and compliance support that you need.

Our approach to providing compliance support

From financial compliance services to compliance investigation support, our team of fully trained professionals are on hand to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing. If you require compliance solutions on an international scale, we can deliver those for you, backed by a worldwide network of 800 offices in 120 countries. Nobody understands the multitude of cross-border challenges better than we do.

Our philosophy is always to put our clients’ needs first. Our legal compliance specialists will begin by taking the time to listen carefully in order to build an understanding of your business and its specific requirements. From there, we will be able to offer tailored solutions that suit your organization.

Throughout the process, we will remain in constant communication with you. We firmly believe in full transparency at all times, and that approach has become a key pillar of our corporate governance services down the years.

Our corporate governance and compliance solutions

We have professionals who specialize in ERM and can provide the following corporate governance services and compliance solutions:

Risk management policy and strategy

As the culture of understanding and embracing risk management increases, so does the expectation and requirement for organizations to adopt appropriate policies and corporate governance strategies.

RSM Saudi Arabia can assess your operations and controls to help you determine your risk appetite and maturity, introduce a risk management framework and understand the threats your business is facing. We can prepare an ERM strategy with policies covering your people, computers, information systems, internal control procedures and security.

Risk awareness training

If an ERM strategy is to be truly successful, it is imperative to embed a risk management philosophy throughout the organization. Consequently, board members and senior management must understand and buy into risk management to drive forward a risk-enabled business.

As threats start to be devolved and managed at departmental and divisional levels it is crucial that all those involved in the process are fully trained on what is expected of them. RSM Saudi Arabia’s legal compliance specialists provide management training to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Risk identification and evaluation

Organizations are increasingly being expected to demonstrate that they have effectively evaluated the risks they are exposed to and have put into place appropriate controls to try to prevent the worst-case scenarios becoming a reality.

As part of our corporate governance and compliance services, our legal compliance specialists will work with you to identify the risks you face and evaluate their potential threats to your business. 

Corporate governance and compliance support with RSM Saudi Arabia

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