Taxes play a fundamental role in the modern business world, but the various regulations and legislations can be complex to negotiate. That is where RSM Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive offering of Zakat and tax services can provide the solution.

Remaining compliant is paramount for any organization, as falling foul of the laws can lead to significant reputational and financial damage. But our expert team can offer the very best in tax regulation advice with the goal of ensuring your business conforms to all the legal requirements that are demanded of it.

Our tax advisory specialists can also offer Zakat assessment support, delivering an all-encompassing service to safeguard your company’s position and help you continue to prosper.

Our approach to Zakat and tax services

Whether your organization requires assistance with tax litigation, advice, Zakat services or anything else, our philosophy remains exactly the same. We will listen carefully to your needs and once we have built up a picture of your business and the obstacles it faces, we will be able to identify the appropriate tax solutions and begin to plan a way forward together.

We believe the best way to do that is to maintain open lines of communication at all times, so that we can keep you updated while you can contact us with any queries you may have. Transparency is a key element of our approach to providing professional tax services and we know how much our clients appreciate that honesty and integrity.

Your needs will always be our top priority, and no one is better placed to deal with the unique array of challenges in this field. We can even offer tax compliance services across multiple territories, thanks to RSM’s global network of 800 offices in 120 countries around the world.

How our corporate tax advice can help you

Whether a company is about to expand in Saudi Arabia or is already established, our dedicated team of tax advisory professionals can help:

  • Decide which corporate structure makes the most sense from a Zakat and tax perspective
  • Choose the type of subsidiary capitalization that is most beneficial
  • Determine how a limited liability company can help the clients meet certain strategic objectives
  • Locate operations in jurisdictions that offer incentives
  • Handle all matters including the filing of Zakat and tax returns to obtaining clearance certificates as well as appeals

Our tax and Zakat services

Below you can find a brief overview of the Zakat and tax solutions we can offer your business:

  • Calculation of Zakat and tax
  • Preparation and filing of Zakat and tax returns
  • Tax and Zakat assessment support and appeal matters
  • Tax planning
  • Zakat and tax advisory

Tax solutions and Zakat specialist advice from RSM Saudi Arabia

If you are seeking corporate tax advice or specialist Zakat services, allow RSM Saudi Arabia to help you. Our team of fully qualified experts boast a wealth of experience and are on hand to find the solutions that suit your organization.

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