Almost all organizations will be vulnerable to attack and/or break down and failure of their IT systems at some point. This can be due to flaws in the design of the infrastructure, weak configuration settings, failure to apply security patches or poor security management.

Even firewalls and anti-virus technologies are prone to vulnerabilities and hackers are developing new ways of exploiting security weaknesses. Unauthorized access to your systems and your data can have serious operational, financial, or legal implications, as well as damaging your reputation. That is where RSM Saudi Arabia’s IT risk advisory services can help you.

We offer a variety of specialist IT security services designed to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your systems and data. Our IT risk management experts provide advice to help your technology systems – and the processes they support – function as intended.

Our IT risk specialists will ensure appropriate contingencies are in place to allow your organization to continue 'business as usual' in the event of not being able to access certain systems. By assessing all significant risks and ensuring they are being appropriately managed, we can also help you consider how to use your IT systems to better achieve your objectives.

RSM Saudi Arabia’s IT risk advisory services mean you benefit from unrivaled knowledge and experience in information technology reviews, information security, and internal audits. Backed by this wealth of expertise, our IT risk specialists can provide you with the recommendations and reports necessary to fully understand how your IT systems are being used.

Our approach to IT risk management

Whether you need us to assess any IT system risks or carry out comprehensive IT system audits, our philosophy always revolves around putting our client’s needs first. That means gaining an understanding of your organization and its threats before putting together a plan of action. Our expert team boast years of experience in IT risk management, so nobody is better placed to offer premium IT security services that will safeguard both your business and your staff.

In the modern world, IT systems are proving ever-more complex, comprising increasingly intricate features while for organizations with a global presence they are also required to span multiple territories. That is a particular challenge that we are ideally positioned to help you deal with, thanks to RSM’s worldwide network of more than 800 offices in 120 nations.

Our IT risk advisory services

Here is a brief overview of the IT risk advisory processes we can help your organization with:

  • System assurance and interrogation services
  • Project management
  • Project assurance
  • Controls design and implementation
  • Post implementation reviews
  • Attack and penetration testing

IT risk management services from RSM Saudi Arabia

From identifying IT system risks to undertaking IT security audits, you can rely on RSM Saudi Arabia to assist you with any technological challenges your organization is facing.

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