Assistance to ensure a successful sale

If you’re selling a company, the last thing you want is for potential buyers to uncover issues or risks that you had not identified previously. On the contrary - you want to provide potential buyers with a ready-made, in-depth, sell-side due diligence report, to help bring your sale to a swift and successful conclusion. At RSM we assist our clients with both financial and tax-related company reviews in connection with sales processes. By having control over possible issues even before a potential buyer is identified, we assist our clients by ensure a smooth sales process, where the company’s financial reporting is in line with and supports the investment case. We help you to be transparent and proactive.

We assist in creating efficient and successful sales processes

We build financial data books that can be used for prospectus and information memorandums. Through this, we will analyze and identify one-off items and abnormal transactions in order to be able to show a potential buyer the underlying historical earnings. Furthermore, we analyze normal levels of working capital and identify net interest-bearing debt. All of this will affect the final purchase price. A proactive approach to the process can be highly valuable for the client.

 A VDD goes more in depth than a VA assignment when it comes to reviewing the basis and performing deep dive analyses. Such a process will provide a solid preparation before the buyer’s own due diligence work begins, and the seller will have time to manage in advance any potential matters could otherwise become major issues from the buyer’s side. This process often save times in the overall transaction timeline and unlocks value when the actual sales process is underway. A VDD report is shared with potential buyers.

Our insight into the company’s key business areas and profitability helps clients develop a robust business plan and market strategy ahead of a sales process. We assist sellers with data-driven analyses based on financial and non-financial data to support the overall investment case, providing them with a deep understanding of the company’s historical development and underlying profitability.

In order to optimize the transaction value and the sellers proceeds after tax, we identify and resolve tax risks in connection with the company being prepared for sale. This helps make the company more attractive to potential buyers and optimizes structuring to ensure a smooth exit for the seller.

Global network

We boast a global network of accountants, tax lawyers and financial consultants, so you can always get in contact with the right person, regardless of your country of interest.

All RSM-offices in the world work on the basis of a common quality standard with established structures for planning, implementation and reporting of audit assignments, meaning that minimal time is spent on coordination and reporting of the audit. Should you have intentions to start offices abroad, our international reach can help.



Please contact your local RSM office if you want to know more about our auditing services.