Transaction Support

Business transactions are dependent on several different factors. Whether you’re about to acquire a new business, restructure, raise venture capital or free up resources through a sale, the need for proactivity and experience in the process is necessary. RSM can support you in all types of business transactions.

Corporate Finance Services - locally and globally

Corporate Finance Services includes many areas, e.g. Financial- and Tax Due Diligence, acquisition calculations and review of account balances on access. These kinds of services often require a market knowledge on both local and global level.

RSM Consulting provides dedicated consultants and teams with specialist- and industry-related skills on both local and global level. An international connection is not unusual as a part of the transaction and we have competent colleagues in most countries worldwide who will support on a local level.

We have good market knowledge at both local and global level

Buying a business?

Acquiring a company requires knowledge of various tax, accounting and finance issues. Before acquisition, you will need a detailed analysis of what’s on offer, while after acquisition, the operations will need to be integrated with existing companies. Our Transaction Support can assist you before and after the acquisition.

Transaction support we can provide you with when buying a business:

Before the acquisition

  • Due Diligence
  • Analysis of financial results and cash flows
  • Assessment of assets and liabilities to be taken over
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Advice regarding corporate taxes as well as tax risks in general
  • Assessment of the accounting effects for the possible acquisition
  • Consultancy regarding optimal ownership structure

​After the acquisition

Selling your business?

If you want to sell your business – or perhaps part of your business – it is important that you not only receive a fair price, but that you and the buyer also have the right prerequisites for negotiations. As transaction support specialists, we can assist you throughout the process. Selling a business often takes a long time, which could result in your management resources being put under strain. Our Transaction Support Services will not only help to ensure that you receive the right price, but will also make the sales process effortless. After all, selling a company is not something you do on a daily basis.

As transaction support specialists, we offer:
- Indicative valuation
- Drafting of investor memorandum to show prospective buyers
- DD and assistance with the compilation of material for the data room
- Tax advice for the business owner
- Restructuring prior to sale
- Ongoing contact with the buyer's advisors

Listing of shares or issuing bonds

If you’re looking to raise capital or spread ownership, we can help you by issuing shares or bonds for public trading.

In Sweden, there are currently two so-called regulated markets, the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OMX Nordiska Börs Stockholm AB) and NGM (Nordic Growth Market NGM AB). In addition, organised trading takes place at other venues, such as First North and Nordic MTF (so-called multilateral trading facilities), as well as on companies’ own lists.

On the regulated markets, different types of securities – such as public equities and bonds – are traded, which all come with stringent requirements

A multilateral trading facility can be described as a trading system that is organised and provided by a stock exchange or an investment firm. Normally, lower requirements are put in place in areas such as information and operational history for securities traded on a trading platform, compared with securities traded on a regulated market.

Whatever marketplace you consider suitable for your purposes, we can provide support prior to and after the listing, including:

  • Production of information for the listing prospectus
  • Regulatory compliance, such as IFRS and listing agreement
  • Customisation of interim and annual reports

Please contact our local RSM office for more information on our Transaction Support.


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