Post-Brexit relations with the United Kingdom: the new Social Security Convention approved by the Federal Council

On August 11, 2021, the Federal Council announced that it had approved a new Social Security Agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The aim is to ensure the long-term coordination of the social security systems of the two countries following Brexit.

Until December 31, 2020, social security coordination between Switzerland and the United Kingdom was still governed by Regulations (EC) No. 883/2004 and (EC) No. 987/2009, applicable under the FMPA.

In the absence of a new agreement, this regime ended on January 1, 2021. Coordination was provisionally ensured through the application of the old 1968 bilateral convention between Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In order to guarantee better protection for their nationals, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have negotiated a new agreement, the text of which has now been approved by the Federal Council.

In the future, the new agreement will ensure that insured persons are treated equally and have easier access to the benefits provided by the social security institutions. One of its objectives will be to avoid over-insurance and gaps in insurance for people covered by the social security systems of both countries, thus facilitating the temporary hiring of workers.

This agreement is largely based on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Thus, the principles of EU coordination law, which are also applicable within the framework of the AFMP, will be applied in the bilateral relations between Switzerland and the UK.

The convention will enter into force once it has been adopted by the Swiss and British parliaments, but will already be appllied on a provisional basis after consultation with the relevant parliamentary committees.

To learn more about post-Brexit relations between Switzerland and the UK, we invite you to read our detailed article on immigration and social security coordination issues.

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