Would you like to apply for funding for your company? For instance, for a business acquisition, the purchase of new business premises, or the financing of a big project? This can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Do you need to raise enough loan, equity, or hybrid financing to make your ambitions a reality?

Our Financing Advisory service will be pleased to talk with you about the best type of financing for you and how you can get it.

When should you use RSM's Financing Advisory Services?

In each case where you need new funding, our consultants can bring some value. It could entail:

  • Refinancing -for example, when the limit of the current facilities has been reached or when it is wise to introduce more diversity in the financing mix.
  • Acquisitions – both whole business acquisitions and add-on acquisitions, or changes in ownership.
  • Investments – for a new plant or production line, maintenance investments and expansion.
  • Restructuring – in case of liquidity shortages, if covenants are not met, etc.

How do we arrange your corporate financing?

The main advantage of working with us to manage your corporate financing is that you can delegate the entire process to us, from planning and credit application to negotiation and monitoring. Our main priority is to relieve you from all responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on doing business successfully.

 Our services are the following :

  • Financing vision - we outline our vision of your financing options.
  • Financing strategy  and capital structure.
  • Assistance with the financing process.
  • Restructuring – we provide ideas on workable solutions and act as a link between you and special management bankers.
  • Renegotiation – the aim is to materially improve your current conditions, such as lower interest rates or expanding agreements.

RSM Switzerland can assist you in achieving the best possible transaction in the market thanks to our in-depth understanding of financing products and structures, our vast global network, and our successful track record in many sectors.

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How can we help you?

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