VAT Compliance

  • Cryptocurrency and tax treatment services
  • Swiss VAT registration
  • Monthly (exception), quarterly or half-yearly VAT returns depending on the method:
    • Effective
    • Net tax liability rate
    • Flat rate
  • Global monitoring of deadlines and VAT returns for Swiss and foreign companies to avoid default interest payments


VAT Reconciliation

  • Verification that the company's turnover, according to the approved financial statements, agrees with the turnover reported in the filed VAT returns
  • Optimization of upstream VAT recovery

An annual VAT reconciliation involves a reconciliation of many items in the financial statements. This reconciliation is recommended in case of a turnover reconciliation problem, in case of a VAT audit or in case of VAT optimization. The annual VAT reconciliation is subject to a separate offer.


VAT Domiciliation

  • Tax representation services for your company

A company with no domicile, registered office or permanent establishment on Swiss territory (foreign company), registered in the Swiss register of VAT taxpayers, must appoint a representative who has a domicile or registered office on Swiss territory.


VAT Sanity Check

  • Review of quarterly VAT returns.
  • Reconciliation of the statutory turnover with the turnover declared for VAT.
  • Checking the last VAT audit and corrections made by the tax authorities.
  • Checking VAT status and VAT knowledge and methodology.
  • Review of selected transactions and related documentation, including exports, excluded transactions and acquisition of services from abroad.
  • Review of upstream tax positions and recovery rate.
  • Advice on potential savings in VAT methodology and management.


Global VAT compliance managed by Swiss VAT Specialists

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