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Structural efficiency in VAT matters

  • Review of the overall structure
  • Review of transactions
  • Identification of VAT risk
  • Identification of unmanaged VAT liabilities, obligations and opportunities

Automation of VAT

  • Advice and assistance for the configuration of IT systems with VAT logic
  • Automation of VAT decisions
  • Benchmarking against best practices in the market
  • Verification of transactions (rules, rates and codes)
  • Identification of potential anomalies in the VAT accounting configuration
  • Improvement & recommendations




  • Identification of areas where additional VAT amounts can be claimed
  • Assistance in the claim process
  • Liaison with tax authorities
  • Adjustment of the VAT return
  • Improvement & recommendations


Outsourcing of VAT Compliance

  • Outsourced VAT management services
  • Dedicated software
  • Qualified and certified professionals
  • Assistance with VAT audits
  • Advice on remediation

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