As tax specialists, we take care of filing your tax return to ensure you benefit from the best deductions!


As tax specialists, we take care of filing your tax return to ensure you get the best deductions! Every taxpayer is required to file a tax return for each tax period. The tax return must be complete and accurate. Thus, the tax return cannot be presented as a true tax planning tool. On the other hand, since it is the basis on which the tax authorities tax the taxpayer, the way in which it is filled out and the information provided on it are crucial for correct taxation. In particular, because the tax authorities will never add a forgotten deduction.

Furthermore, the way in which information will be provided will, of course, have an important influence on the way the tax authorities will accept elements considered as deductions. The tax return will complement the planning and strategy previously determined. It will serve as their reflection. This is precisely why it must not be destructive to the achieved efforts. Depending on the complexity of your situation, the assistance of a tax specialist or a tax expert can definitely help you optimize your taxation.

It is therefore essential that your tax advisor be also responsible for the preparation, or at least the verification, of your tax return. This is the only way to ensure a perfect symbiosis between the planning and the elements declared to the tax authorities.

The preparation of your tax return allows our experts to have a vision on other aspects of your situation (donation, finances, real estate, accounting, VAT, special taxes etc.). Thus, we can advise you in your tax strategy or warn you of any tax risks.

Among our services, we offer this typical "fiduciary" service mainly to our clients whose tax affairs we represent. We favor tax representation by proxy at our address, which allows us to be the first point of contact with the tax authorities and to avoid any delay issues.

Our regular service covers a meeting to understand your situation and review together the documents needed for the preparation of the tax return, the preparation of your return and any necessary exchange to gather missing documents, as well as the review of your tax ruling. If you receive inquiries from the tax authorities, we can assist you in preparing a response, in the claim and appeal process.

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