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Automatic exchange of rulings Amendment of the administrative tax assistance ordinance (OAAF)

8 March 2017
Daniel Spitz
The automatic exchange of rulings represent one step closer towards the international tax transparency.

CTR III –Refusal from the Swiss people on February 12, 2017 – Consequences and future

15 February 2017
Daniel Spitz
On February 12, 2017, the Swiss people have denied the federal project regarding the third corporate tax reform. As a reminder, the subject of the vote, that was only at a federal level, was focused mainly on:

Corporate tax reform III (CTR III) Geneva

10 November 2016
Daniel Spitz
The Geneva strategy for the RIE III becomes finally a reality! (For more informationregarding the subject, please see our other newsletters on this topic).

FABI - Restrictions related to deductible commuting expenses

29 September 2016
Thomas Laube
Link zum FABI-Newsletter in Deutsch:

Final vote of the Federal Parliament on the corporate tax reform III (CTR III)

10 July 2016
Daniel Spitz
For more background, we invite you to revert to our newsletters from January 2016 and April 2016 on the same topic

BEPS - The calm before the storm

18 February 2016
Consequences of BEPS action plan on multinationals -                 ClICK HERE

New international rules on exchange of information in tax matters

14 January 2016
Daniel Spitz
This information can be of personal or professional interest for you Since 2008, due to the financial crisis, the necessity for governments worldwide to increase their tax receipts has placed the fight against cross-border tax evasion at the heart...

Corporate Tax Reform III

14 January 2016
Daniel Spitz
Genesis of the reform

Transfer Pricing all over the place !

7 January 2016
Starbucks, Apple, McDonalds, Google or Amazon ...