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Replay | Webinar | 2021 tax reform on Swiss employment withholding tax: are you ready?

13 October 2020
Augustin de La Chapelle
Feel free to take a look to the replay of our webinar dated October 13, 2020, focusing on the key aspects on the 2021 reform of Swiss employment withholding tax reform for both Swiss employers and employees. Link to the replay in English:

Lausanne’s team has moved to a new office to accommodate RSM Switzerland’s growth!

1 September 2020
Daniel Spitz
RSM Switzerland is delighted to announce that our Lausanne team has moved to a great new place to accommodate our growth!

COVID-19 temporary derogation with respect to individual tax and social security agreements for frontier workers finally extended until December 31, 2020.

28 August 2020
Augustin de La Chapelle
In the view of the recent health crisis and the related "home office" practice at wide scale, several derogatory measures for employees residing in neighboring countries had been put in place, notably regarding frontier worker in France.

Customer information

26 August 2020
Pascal Sigrist
In our current extraordinary situation, the legal conditions are changing rapidly. Responding to these changes quickly and appropriately means continuously following and analyzing the latest developments.

Entry into force of the amendment of the Family Allowances Act on 1 August 2020

13 August 2020
Augustin de La Chapelle
The Law on Family Allowances and Financial Aid for Family Organizations (LAFam) regulates the grant of family allowances and financial aid to family organizations.

Demonstrating the value of collaborative leadership during crises

11 August 2020
In 2000, a leading expert in behavioural science, Daniel Goleman, outlined the six key styles of leadership: autocratic, paternalistic, democratic, laissez-faire, transactional and transformational, with each having their own merits and drawbacks.

Tax reform on Swiss employment withholding tax: what’s new in 2021?

6 August 2020
Augustin de La Chapelle, Daniel Spitz, Olivier Bétrisey, Pascal Sigrist, Thomas Laube
The new Federal Law on withholding tax on employment income will enter into force on January 1st, 2021 and includes a whole series of new provisions. What new challenges will Swiss taxpayers and employers have to face and how to best be prepared for...

Global mobility at a crossroads: what is the future for business travel?

31 July 2020
Augustin de La Chapelle
Article issued by RSM UK, Joanne Weber and Ainsley Wainwright on July 31, 2020. 

Additional level of transparency under DAC6: mandatory automatic exchange of information

30 July 2020
Daniel Spitz
As tax-planning structures being more and more sophisticated, the tax authorities are struggling against tax base erosion. In that respect, the European Union (EU) recently introduced additional measures to increase the level of transparency in...

Non-UK landlords: Impact of 2020 corporation tax changes

21 July 2020

Demerger of a holding company? Beware of tax implications

29 June 2020
Daniel Spitz
If you are a swiss resident and privately own a company, you probably know its sale will generate a tax-free capital gain.

Retirement Planning for a Swiss Expat in Australia

19 June 2020
Augustin de La Chapelle, Daniel Spitz
It is hard to believe today that the Swiss founding father of the Red Cross, humanitarian author, co-winner of the first-ever Nobel Peace Prize, and the very symbol of caring for our fellow man, Henry Dunant, lived a poverty-stricken life in his...