The Guidelines for investing the innovation businesses from NDF 20200421


The Legislative Yuan on Tuesday (April 21, 2020) approved the amended regulations for the expanded economic relief budget to additional NT$150 billion and could help soften the economic impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The related relief measures listed below:

Subsidies for salary and operating fund

Eligible for application

  1. The entity which is in Manufacturing or Service Industries.
  2. An entity which registers as a corporation, business, and limited partner in accordance with related regulations or only registers with tax authority for  tax ID.
  3. The revenue goes down at least 50%

Subsidies content

  • Salary
    For the period of April 2020 to June 2020, the maximum amount for three months.
    40% of each employee’s salary, cap for NTD20,000.
  • Operating fund
    NTD 10,000/per staff based on the employee list of March 2020
  • Applicable period


Reduce the utilities expenses

Eligible entities

  • The entities which are in Manufacturing or Service Industries and sustain an extreme loss to operate due to the impact of COVI-19.
  • The loss of the above entities shall be assessed by the competent authorities.

Revenue Decline

Water Expense

Electricity Expense

Low Voltage

High Voltage

Over 15% yet under 50%

Reduce by 10%

(cap for NTD 7,000/ per month)

Reduce by 10%

(cap for NTD 100,000/ per month)

  • Suspend partial chartered capacity of electricity consumption, reduce the basic electricity expense

  • After the suspension, exempt from the maintenance fee for facilities

Over 50%

Reduce by 30%

(cap for NTD 20,000/per month)

Reduce by 30%

(cap for NTD 300,000/per month)

Reduce by 30% further

(cap for NTD 3,000,000/per month)

  • The above relief shall be applied by the utilities company.

Applicable period

  • 2020/03/01 - 2020/09/30


Reduction of the expenses charged by the industrial parks and deferral of payments for the expenses

Industrial zone

  • Land rental: extend to one year or reduce by 20% of the rent (alternative)
  • Facilities maintenance: reduce by 20%
  • Sewage fee: extend to one year
  • Investment plan: extend the deadline

Rent with government-owned-land

  • Rental:
    Extend to one year or reduce by 20% of the rent (alternative)
    Allow to pay with 3 installments in three years
    Exempt from penalty and interest expense


 Deferral of payment for the related expenses of the processing area

  • Land rental: extend to one year or reduce by 20% of the rent (alternative)
  • Maintenance fee: allow to extend to one year if the revenue decline 30%
  • Sewage fee: extend to one year
  • Investment plan: extend the deadline


Expand the amount of finance and credit guarantee

Finance amount

  • Small and middle sized entities: increase the amount from NTD20,000,000 to NTD 150,000,000.
  • Except for small and middle-sized entities: increase the amount from NTD80,000,000 to NTD 500,000,000.

Amount of credit guarantee:

  • Supply with credit guarantee for NTD 100 billion and NTD 200 billion to middle and large sized credit guarantee, respectively.
  • Assisting the small and middle sized business to cope up with the situation by supplying NTD200 billion to Banks for funding to the businesses.