Damaged and lost books, records and other documentation resulting from flooding

The extensive floods in Thailand over the last few months has caused considerable damage to business operators located in many areas and particularly those located in various industrial sites in Northern and Central Thailand plus Northern Bangkok. Not only have buildings, facilities, factories, machinery and properties been affected by the floods, but also important documents (e.g. corporate documents, tax and VAT registrations, accounting documents and records, bank documents, business licenses, certificates and permits, insurance policies, etc) have been damaged or cannot now be located.

Necessary processes and procedures with respect to the recovery of damaged or lost documentation 

Business operations are advised to implement the following with respect to damaged or lost records:-

  • Report the damage to or loss of documentation to the relevant police station (where the business operator is located) and obtain a police statement. The report shall contain a list and details of all damaged or lost documents.
  • Contact relevant authorities (e.g. Department of Business Development, Revenue Department, Customs Department, Board of Investment of Thailand, Department of Industrial Works, Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand, etc.) and apply for replacement documents, licenses, certificates and permits.
  • In case of damaged or lost accounting documents and records, the accountant will be required to complete the form reference SBC 2 and submit this to the Chief Accounting Officer within 15

days from the date of acknowledgement of such damage or loss.

  • For damaged or lost taxation documents, the business operator should contact the relevant Revenue Office and present the police statement to obtain proper instructions and guidelines.¬†¬†