RSM Thailand offers comprehensive and professional payroll administration services to clients of all sizes. With in-depth knowledge of payment processing as well as changing employment and tax law, our payroll experts can remove this burden and help you focus on your core activities.

As part of RSM’s global network of over 120 firms, we understand that almost all businesses rely on their human capital. Consequently, business owners need assurances that their staff remuneration and entitlements, as well as any statutory payments, are accurately controlled and recorded. Turning to our payroll administrators can give you the confidence you need.

We can help you manage your businesses competently, efficiently, and profitably. Our independent payroll experts work in an accurate and timely manner, while understanding the importance of confidentiality.

Whatever your industry or size, our corporate payroll support has you covered. Get in touch with our team in Thailand today to learn how our outsourcing services can be tailored to your organization’s needs.


Payroll processing can be highly complex and time-consuming for a business to manage internally. As well as implementing robust systems and processes, ever-changing legal requirements demand that you stay up to date across a range of employment and tax issues.

Outsourcing these concerns to our payroll administration specialists enables you to concentrate on what you do best. With our professional support, you can have confidence that your organization is compliant and your staff are being correctly rewarded.

Key advantages of our payroll administration services include:

  • Time and cost savings: Our team can act as a reliable resource, allowing you to spend more time on the core tasks of your business
  • Improved system and data security: Business payroll management brings various security risks which our robust processes help to navigate safely
  • Ensuring legal compliance: By following the latest legislation, we can help you avoid costly penalties 
  • Peace of mind: You’ll have confidence that your payroll is being managed accurately and on time while retaining visibility
  • Tailored to your needs: We’ll get to know your business to deliver payroll admin support informed by your unique requirements


Efficient business payroll management is essential to keeping your organization running as it should. Outsourcing payroll responsibility to our experienced professionals can ease this pressure and help you push forward with confidence.

Contact us today on (662) 670 9002-6, email us, or use our contact form. Our payroll administrators will be happy to support you.