RSM Thailand provides a broad range of professional accounting services for different business types and industries. From ensuring legal compliance to forecasting performance and strategic planning, our accounting solutions offer a reliable foundation for achieving your objectives.    

We understand that the effective management of any company requires accurate and prompt financial information for performance monitoring and decision making. At the same time, accounting management is made more complex by ever-changing financial regulations. You may also wish to ease your internal workload to devote more time to your core activities.

Whatever your organization’s challenges and priorities, our experienced business accounting team is here to help.

RSM’s network of accounting specialists spans some 800 offices across 120 countries. Our global reach provides a wealth of knowledge and resources, while our approach will always be tailored to you. Our professionals here in Thailand are highly qualified and trained to respond to your needs, providing effective, timely, and cost-effective accountancy services.

Contact our team today to take advantage of our accountancy support and get the financial visibility you need to operate with confidence.


We can provide fully outsourced accounting services to effectively act as your accounts department, or support and advise your existing accounts team.

Our core services include comprehensive accounting, tax compliance, and outsourced payroll management. These focus areas encompass monthly VAT and withholding tax returns, and the production of management reports.

Companies that have in-house bookkeepers may engage us to provide quality control and review services. We regularly assist clients who are subject to Revenue Department tax examinations, as well as those who are entitled to tax refunds.

We are also the corporate tax representatives of many clients who require the completion and filing of annual and mid-year corporate income tax returns.

Rest assured that whatever your organization’s needs, our broad accounting solutions can be tailored to match.


Accounting can be a time-consuming, yet crucial, function to any organization’s success. With a wealth of local accountants and consultants alongside a global network of experts to draw on, you can rely on our accounting services to help you realize your ambitions.

Call (662) 670 9002-6, email us, or fill in our contact form today. Whether you want to substantiate your strategies or simply get your finances in order, our experts will be happy to tell you more about our services and thorough approach.