By Pitipong Santadram, Payroll Manager

Illnesses or accidents can happen at any time and cannot be foreseen in advance.  Insurance provided by an employer may not cover all expenses arising during a period of illness.  Social Security is an alternative to help employees to alleviate the burden of these expenses. The protection covers risks of adverse situations stemming from sickness, childbirth, disability, death, child support, old age, and unemployment. Under such conditions, the insured can receive medical treatment and continuous income.

10 benefit rights of Social Security that you should be aware of.

    1.  Free medical care according to the hospital specified.

    2.  Childbirth at 15,000 baht per childbirth (unlimited number of times)

    3.  Maternity leave allowance of 50% of salary for a period of 45 days.

    4.  Free dental treatment of 900 baht/time/year

    5.  Child allowance of 800 baht/month from the birth of child until the age of 6 years.

    6.  Unemployment compensation - in case of resignation or termination of employment

         contract; receive compensation of 30% of salary up to 90 days, calculated from a base

         salary of 15,000 baht.    

    7.  Unemployment compensation - in case of dismissal, receive 50% compensation of

         salary for a maximum of 180 days, calculated from the base salary of 15,000 baht. 

    8.  Disability compensation caused by work

    9.  Retirement (Age 55 years)

   10. Death allowance and funeral expenses 50,000 baht

Employees covered by Social Security are entitled to receive all of the above benefits. 

In case you have contributed to Social Security and you have resigned from the Social Security System, you will continue to be protected for sickness, unemployment compensation, death, and retirement benefits. You can check your eligibility and rights by calling the Social Security center on 1506 (24 hours), website: -, Line Official Account: @ssothai, or downloading the “SSO Connect” application on iOS and Android operating systems.

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