Transaction Check-Up

Transaction Check-Up

You are thinking of handing over your business to the next generation or third parties within a few years and wish to be guided through this process. A Transaction Check-up could be the right answer.

The Transaction Check-up, the key to the continuity of your business.

A good preparation is essential.


  • For the seller, it helps to create trust and to prepare ahead of time the questions of the buyer in a professional and accurate way.
  • For the buyer, it creates the opportunity to ask the right questions and to prevent problems after the acquisition.

The transaction check-up is a structured process, consisting of several steps, that supports the shareholder in a professional manner to prepare his company for takeover. The transaction check-up process consists of the following steps :


The transaction check-up is also in scope for receiving grants from KMO-portefeuille  or Chèques entreprises.


It is very important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, to integrate these findings into the valuation of the company and to identify the elements to be used in the negotiations.

Thanks to this analysis, it is possible to define the priority actions to be implemented by exploiting the strengths and finding solutions to the weaknesses.The transaction check-up will certainly cover the following areas:

Motivation and expectations
Market and business strategy
Financial statement
Business plan
Staff and organization
Production installations / Buildings
IT and digital technology
Legal matters
Quality, safety and environment

First of all, the strategy might be determined by a number of technical issues, such as:


  • Will the shares or assets of the company be sold?
  • How do you manage the real estate issues? 
  • What are the tax implications of my strategy?

Once these issues are clear, then it can be decided which market segments will be approached and in which order. The most common segments are:

  • Own family
  • Own staff
  • Sector colleagues and / or related sectors
  • Financial parties
  • Management Buy-In (MBI) candidates


RSM Belgium helps you to find an answer to these questions.

After the analysis round, the valuation exercise and the drawing up of the acquisition strategy, concrete actions follow.

Sometimes, it is advised to first  implement certain actions before approaching the market. Some good examples might be: strengthening the team or splitting buildings and operations.

Once the preparation phase is completed, it is time to work out the sales / acquisition strategy in concrete terms and to clearly plan and anticipate the various phases of the transaction.

RSM Belgium supports you in determining the strategy and managing the various steps.

If you want to sell your company and you are convinced that a professional preparation is necessary, you can use the KMO-portefeuille or Chèques entreprises to receive grants for professional advisory services.

You can receive grants from KMO portefeuille or Chèques entreprise, depending on the location of your company. From KMO portefeuille the grants can amount up to € 7,500 (excl. VAT) / year. Via Chèques entreprise this is also possible, for the preparation of the acquisition process, to an amount of maximum € 7,000 (excl. VAT) over 3 years. For the acquisition process itself (the selling-off the company), an amount of maximum € 15,000 (excl. VAT) can also be obtained in period of 3 years.

RSM Belgium can assist you in obtaining the grant.

Have you made the decision to sell your company?

The sell-off of your business is probably the most important transaction of your life. It is essential to present your company in a professional manner In order to attract buyers. An appealing and strong story, translated into an Information Memorandum is your best kick off move towards potential acquirers. 

The Information Memorandum provides an objective overview of your company with its strengths and weaknesses. The story must be appealing, so that as many potential buyers as possible are encouraged to submit an attractive bid.


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