About RSM International

We are members of the RSM network, the seventh largest network of independent audit, tax and advisory firms in the world. RSM was formed in 1964, adopting its current name worldwide on 1 January 1993.

Our membership in RSM offers substantial benefits to our clients. We are able to call upon the services and expertise of member firms in over 800 offices across 120 countries.

RSM - An Award-winning Network

In September 2014, the network received the Network of The Year award, which recognizes networks that have demonstrated strong growth and operational excellence over the past 12 months. RSM admitted firms from 11 countries to its network in 2013, including Baker Tilly, the 7th largest firm in the UK. In 2013, the network posted a 5% increase in like-for-like revenues and had double-digit growth in cross-border business referrals.

In March 2013, RSM was awarded the prestigious Editor’s Special Award for Global Initiative of the Year at the International Accounting Bulletin annual awards.

The Editor’s Special Award was conceived specifically to recognise the outstanding achievement of the RSM network for its global initiative - RSM World Day – which was praised for being a unique and powerful cross-network initiative that enhanced both employee and client engagement. The judges highlighted the campaign as a shining example of how to successfully connect independent member firms in 70 countries under a common vision and set of values.

RSM World Day brought together RSM staff from around the world to take part in a wide variety of both external and internal communications activities. These included national and international advertising and PR, social and business events, volunteer and charity work and staff team building activities.


European Business Awards

RSM actively engages in promoting and celebrating the very best in entrepreneurship, championing the role of the entrepreneur in today’s world economy. RSM is the lead sponsor and corporate champion of the European Business Awards promoting commercial excellence and recognition of entrepreneurial brilliance.



• RSM is the 6th largest network of independent audit, tax and advisory firms in the world

• RSM has 121 member and correspondent firms in 120 countries

• 813 offices worldwide

• 43,000 staff including 3,126 partners

• Combined fee income of US$5,1 bilion


Forum of Firms

RSM International and its member firms are full members of the Forum of Firms. The Forum of Firms is an association of international networks of accounting firms that perform audits of financial statements that are or may be used across national borders. The Forum’s goal is to promote consistent and high quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

The Forum's membership obligations require that members:

• Maintain appropriate quality control standards in accordance with International Standards on Quality Control issued by the IAASB in addition to relevant national quality control standards and conduct, to the extent not prohibited by national regulation, regular globally coordinated internal quality assurance reviews. 

• Have policies and methodologies for the conduct of transnational audits that are based, to the extent practicable, on ISAs. 

• Have policies and methodologies which conform to the IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants and national codes of ethics. 

• Agree to submit to the Secretary of the Forum an annual report, in a form approved by the Transnational Assurance Committee, indicating that it meets the membership obligations set forth above.

RSM acknowledges the importance of the Forum of Firms to ensure the industry constantly works to raise the standards of the international practice of auditing, setting standards of consistency for international businesses worldwide.



RSM International is a member of EGIAN, European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations. EGIAN provides a forum for the members to develop common positions on specific technical and legislative issues and to debate these issues with key professional stakeholders and regulators such as The European Union, CESR (The Committee of European Securities Regulators), FEE (The Federation of European Accountants) and IFAC (The International Federation of Accountants).