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Labor Consulting

  • Labor Proceedures and Routines Review.
  • Advice on implementing electronic accessory obligations (eSocial, EFD REINF and e-financeira).
  • Third Party Workforce Management
  • Design, deployment and revision of HR policies
  • Advice on planning, setting and deploying strategic remunaration.
  • Survey of tax and social security credits, including court deposits.
  • Advice on matters related to Infraction Notices.

Payroll Reissue

4 June 2018
It was published in the DOU of May 30, 2018, Law 13,670 / 2018 that closed the payroll exemption for 28 economic sectors. According to the new Law, starting in September, if they opted for the Brasil Maior Program, they will again collect the INSS on the payroll and no more on the percentage of gross revenue. The reonerados sectors were the following:  

Alterations to Labor Reform - Closing of the validity of Provisional Measure nº 808/2017

26 April 2018
On April 25, 2018 was published in the Official Federal Gazette, the Declaratory Act of the National Congress Board No. 22/2018 to announce the end of Provisional Measure No. 808/2017, valid since April 23rd, 2018, which regulated a few provisions of the Labor Reform. We highlight below the main changes:

eSocial Web for companies and rules of extemporaneous events go into production on April, 9 2018

10 April 2018
Was published in eSocial Portal the new EFD, informing that as form April 9th, 2018, the web version of eSocial was in production. The eSocial Web module is an auxiliary tool for the insertion of data in eSocial and was designed to allow companies to comply with legal obligations in situations of contingency or unavailability of their own software.

COSIT Answer to Advance Tax Ruling Request No. 16 of March 14, 2018 – Social Security Contribution – Statutory Director

26 March 2018
On March 23, 2018 was published in the Official Federal Gazette, the COSIT Answer to Advance Tax Ruling Request No. 16 of March 14, 2018, linked to the COSIT Answer to Advance Tax Ruling Request COSIT No. 546, dated December 19, 2017, which deals with participation in company profits paid to non-statutory director.

Labor Reform Provisional Measure extension

20 February 2018
On 20 February 2018 was published the extension of the provisional measure 808 of 14 November 2017, which altered the labor reform.

GFIP - Federal Revenue issues rules regarding DCTFWeb

19 February 2018
On February 09, 2018 was published the Normative Instruction #1,787/2018 issued by the Brazilian IRS, presenting the rules for the DCTFWeb. This ancillary obligation will be generated automatically from the (eSocial) and/or (EFD-Reinf), new modules of the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (Sped).

GFIP - Rural producer and purchaser of rural production - New rules

24 January 2018
On January 24, 2018 was published the CODAC Executive Declare Act N. #1/2018, establishing the procedures for the completion of the GFIP by the rural producer and the acquirer of rural production of the rural producer or the special insured, as a result of the reduction of the rate of Funrural brought by the Law N. #13,606/2018. The main provisions are:

Social Security Contribution Update

18 January 2018
On January 17th, 2018 was published on the website of the Federal Revenue Service the Ordinance MF No. 15/2018, which provides the update of the benefits paid by the Social Security (INSS). The main updates were:

eSocial go live for companies with revenues higher than BRL78 million

8 January 2018
As form today, January 8th, companies’ that earned more than BRL78 million in 2017 will be subjected to eSocial. It must register its information and send all tables to eSocial until 02/28/2018.

EFD-Reinf - Published layout 1.3

3 January 2018
On January 2, 2018, the layout 1.3 of EFD Reinf was published in the SPED Portal.


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