Transfer pricing has become one of the most important tax issues facing multinational companies, regardless of size. While the penalties can be high for organizations that do not meet the required standards, finding the right transfer pricing solutions can present an opportunity. That’s where RSM El Salvador can help you. 

Our transfer pricing specialists can provide sound, objective advice and guidance to help you arrive at an outcome that is satisfactory for all parties. We’ll take the time to understand the structure of your business before using that knowledge to deliver bespoke transfer pricing support that meets your specific requirements. 

Read on to find out more about the scope of our transfer pricing services and how they can benefit your organization. 

Our transfer pricing services 

We can offer transfer pricing support across a wide range of business areas, including the following: 

  • Transfer pricing studies in line with El Salvador regulations 
  • Transfer pricing studies for other countries in the LATAM area, in accordance with domestic law in each jurisdiction 
  • Regional or global transfer pricing documentation, as members of RSM International. Compliance with BEPS regulations 
  • Search of comparable companies and contracts 
  • Development of functional, economic, and financial analysis 
  • Market analysis of the sector in which the activity takes place 
  • Previous studies for companies that star planning related party transactions 
  • Consulting and technical assistance 
  • Administrative or judicial defense in the area of transfer pricing 

Why choose RSM El Salvador’s transfer pricing specialists? 

We can offer professional transfer pricing services that encompass advance price agreements, tax compliance support, risk assessments, and tax audits. We have 50 years of experience to fall back on, and you can rest assured that in that time we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge. 

We’re part of RSM’s global network, spanning more than 860 offices in 123 countries. This depth of expertise makes us perfectly placed to offer transfer pricing support where the divisions of your organization span various jurisdictions. 

For further information, find out more about RSM El Salvador and the key values that underpin our services. 

Transfer pricing consulting from RSM El Salvador 

For professional transfer pricing services, look no further than RSM El Salvador. We’re here to help your organization, so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more. You can fill out our online form below, give us a call on (503) 2534 9944 or pay a visit to our San Salvador office

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