Adding value to your business

With the need to invest and adapt an ever present, business must turn to chartered accountancy professionals to better understand and capitalise on the fundamental elements of their financial processes. This allows them to refocus on their core activities and reposition both labour and budget towards the true heartbeat of the brand.


RSM are an internationally regarded financial multi-disciplinary – offering bespoke audit, tax and consulting solutions to businesses ranging in scale, from SME level through to blue chip corporate. Our French accounting experts are ready to efficiently and effectively take care the essentials, while you focus on adding value to your business.

Our services cover the full spectrum of accounting, consolidation, management control and payroll processes. It allows you to find a balance within your organisation that produces the most cost-effective result. Furthermore, each of our chartered accountants draws on RSM International’s truly global network to provide the best possible solutions for your needs.


Payroll & HR advisory

Payroll processing is an essential part of any business and the importance of skilled HR staff to business strategy is unquestionable. While both are key, however, incorporating the complex nature of both divisions into the business is a major drain on operational efficiency.

Our payroll accounting expertise is based on decades of experience within our global network. Outsourcing your payroll and HR requirements to us allows you to remain cost effective, while boosting your day-to-day efficiency.


Management reporting & management control

Allow your direct operation to focus on value added processes by outsourcing your repetitive management reporting tasks to our French accounting experts. We will strengthen your reporting, increasing frequency, carry out reconciliation of your general accounts and assist you with implementation of new indicators.


Delegation of function and seeking assistance

Most businesses face periods of downturn – it’s how that period is dealt with that counts. A drop in performance typically generates more pressure from creditors and stakeholders. As such, this means your financial information needs to be of the highest quality to provide satisfactory reports and forecasts.

Using our multi-disciplinary knowledge can offer expertise and a genuine support structure in times of urgent need. Our chartered accountants are experienced in analysing each of our client’s bespoke needs, before creating solutions that help you to meet to meet the deadlines that will get your business back on track.



There are many stages of a business life cycle where it can be inefficient to keep all non-central, but fundamental processes within the walls of your offices. You may not have the need for full time staffing around your accounting process. Alternatively, you may just wish to devote more of your resources to core strategic functions.

Regardless of your needs, we offer outsourcing solutions across the full finance function. Doing this means you can hand partial or full control of your accounting department to one of our expert teams. With bespoke solutions available to each of our clients, you can define the scope and scale of our contribution to suit your current setup.

Chartered Accountancy

Our charted accountancy professionals represent the core of RSM International. We understand the importance of producing detailed financial information on a regular basis, as well as the drain on resources that meeting the likes of tax requirements and the demands of creditors and shareholders can have.

We produce high quality financial statements, manage your tax affairs and offer business partnering expertise to each of our clients to enhance reliability and reduce operational costs.


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