Chartered accountancy

Simplifying daily management of financial information and anhancing its reliability

Companies need to provide comprehensive, detailed financial information in order to monitor their business activity, meet tax requirements and provide information required by creditors and shareholders. Enhancing the reliability of the data analysed and disclosed by managing the tools used to produce and consolidate the data constitutes a major challenge, particularly in view of the need to manage the operational cost involved.

  • Are you looking to outsource your bookkeeping but keep it in line with in-house procedures?
  • Do you need assistance with preparation of your annual financial statements and/or with producing tax declarations?
  • Are you looking for a chartered accountant to act as Business Partner?

RSM, having the benefit of a specialised, multi-disciplinary team, can set up various management system tools for you using accountancy solutions which facilitate remote access and create a partnership capable of evolving in line with your needs.

Access your accounting information on-line

RSM can provide secure on-line access as well as the option of working in partnership using our remote tools.

Producing quality financial statements

With specialised expertise in each business sector, we can manage your accounting information, from bookkeeping to auditing the accounts and producing annual financial statements.

Looking after your tax affairs

We can produce all of your tax declarations within the prescribed deadlines and give you regular updates regarding relevant regulatory developments.

Legal and fiscal

IT Risk

Setting up tools for a move to electronic accounting

Putting expert teams at your disposal