Delegation of function and seeking assistance


When the business is facing an unforeseen downturn in its activity level, tactical measures and decisions taken on an urgent basis can have a significant impact on the quality of the information produced and distributed. Nevertheless, it is at these difficult moments that creditors and shareholders are more inclined to press for information and forecasts, and full or partial delegation of the financial functions to an expert external service provider can ensure that accurate and reliable documentation is distributed, ultimately allowing you to focus on your core business.

How can the high standard of financial information be maintained in situations of urgency?
How can deadlines be met when you are faced with a sudden drop in your staffing levels?
Do you need back-up within your finance team?

In exceptional circumstances requiring additional technical skills or resources which are not available internally, RSM can provide operational assistance with the progress and completion of your projects.

Providing multi-disciplinary support

As back-up or acting in place of your teams, we can provide you with a dedicated team to deal with the finance function. We tailor our team to your needs, depending whether you require operational back-up or managerial assistance. We provide support with all aspects of the finance function: accountancy, taxation, management control, treasury, organisation, etc.

Providing expertise and a genuine support structure

RSM offers the support of teams specialised by business sector who will be responsive to your environment and produce work of the highest standard. All consultants assisting within your business will be supervised and trained by a manager or partner.
We can arrange for one of our experts to step in at any time to help you with an issue which has arisen.

Analysing your needs and constructing a solution for you

We aim to create added value every time we offer support. And when we return the deliverables to you, you gain the benefit of our know-how.