Management control: performance assessment and management


In order to face competition and continue to generate value, companies’ business models have become more focused and their strategies now incorporate anticipated changes to internal aspects (operational or financial) and external aspects (sector-based, demographic or regulatory). Performance optimisation therefore requires further resources to be applied to the modelling of financial forecasts.

Following an analysis of the business model of your company and its organisation, we will carry out an assessment of the performance management processes where relevant and subsequently identify areas for improvement, to ensure that your management process is fully in line with your strategy.

Finally, we will suggest suitable action plans to enable you to apply the levers to improve your financial and operational performance. 

Are you looking to link your financial monitoring process to the profitability model of your business?
Is your matrix-type organisation running single-function processes which you would like to streamline?
Are you looking to focus more closely on management of your business through analysis of your key performance indicators?
Are you having difficulty modelling the various risk scenarios and therefore reacting in the best way possible to unforeseen events?

Breaking down company strategy into performance indicators

After a stage during which we gain an understanding of your strategy and business model, we will draw up management charts containing key indicators for measurement of performance encompassing both internal operational parameters (e.g. order conversion rates, changes in payment times, risk of bankruptcy of a major supplier), financial parameters and parameters external to the business (e.g. demographics, market share, sector-based changes).

Construct an analytical monitoring system tailored to the company's profitability model

We can assist you with implementation of cost segmentation models indexed to the profitability model for each of your business activities or each of your products (ABC, full-cost, zero-based budgeting, analytical accounting, profitability per product or product line) or markets/clients, in order to respond fully to the challenges faced by your organisation and measure precisely the operational performance of your teams.

Devise flexible, innovative processes

Determine the optimum allocation of your information systems budget

Enhance reliability of information and improve the operation of the organisation

Implement budgetary and forecasting processes tailored to your business activity 

Establish and implement a cross-disciplinary forecasting process

Model risks in order to anticipate them more effectively