Taking over full responsibility for processes which are not central to your core business

Your business is evolving in a highly competitive environment, and consequently needs to manage its operational costs in order to remain competitive. Outsourcing support functions is an effective way of limiting these costs and enabling the business to focus on its strategic functions. But to ensure that the effectiveness of these functions is maintained, they must be delegated to expert firms capable of producing reliable, secure data. Outsourcing also means optimising existing processes or even developing new ones, thereby enhancing the operation of the business. By constructing a win-win partnership, we can help you to accelerate the production of annual accounts, ensure the reliability of financial information and maximise the cost-effectiveness of your accounting, HR, administration and financial functions.

  • Are you looking to outsource your accounting function completely?
  • Does your organisation need to adapt to changes in the business environment?
  • Are you looking to increase flexibility, reduce costs and accelerate the technological or operational overhaul of your processes?

Outsource a wide range of aspects of the finance function:

We can deal with the production processes involved in a wide range of finance functions, such as general and transactional accounting, production of reports and declaratory obligations, the implementation of new steering tools, consolidation, the client process through invoicing, risk monitoring, recovery, preparation of payslips, declaring social security contributions, social security monitoring and the full social security report (this list is not exhaustive).

Offering support tailored to your individual needs

The first step will be to agree the relevant scope of the outsourcing arrangement with you and assess the benefits (Business Case). The solution implemented will always be bespoke, taking account of your specific requirements in relation to IT, organisation and human resources.

RSM leaves it up to you to decide on the scope of the data to be outsourced (fully or partially) in relation to one or more functions of your business. We will take over operational responsibility, allowing you to improve performance, ensure financial information of a reliable quality is produced, reduce your costs and focus on your core business. RSM offers a transparent pricing policy which is based on the volumes of the work to be undertaken and linked to the sharing of productivity gains achieved.

We offer genuine added value by entrusting your processes to expert teams