Payroll and HR advisory

Recruitment and management of skilled staff are essential to business strategy and it is crucial that the HR department focuses on these activities, which constitute its key role. Nevertheless, given the complexity of social regulations, payroll and the recording of social contributions are very time-consuming. Outsourcing payroll fully is one way of resolving these operational efficiency issues.

How can the payroll process be partially or fully outsourced in a reliable, secure, efficient manner?
How can the relevant documents be produced electronically, digitised and provided to staff using appropriate technology?
How can preparation of our social report be subcontracted? 


Processing several thousand salaries every month, RSM assists structures of all kinds with payroll production. Our social services are tailored to clients’ requirements, irrespective of size and staff numbers:

  • Full or partial outsourcing of payroll and social contributions
  • Direct access to the software enabling all required information to be extracted in real time
  • Inputting pay variables
  • Monitoring absences and paid leave (with line manager’s approval)
  • Provision of payroll software in SaaS mode to enable you to deal with payroll in-house 
  • Moving to full or partial electronic production of documents and payroll
  • Provision of secure electronic data vaults for employees and classification of their wages
  • Production of the social report