Intelligent insight and smart feedback; take advantage of our actionable audit and assurance services.

People are only as good as the tools they possess. So, to consistently deliver high-quality audit services, we are always investing in our auditing methods. We keep our ear to the ground so we can closely follow the latest developments in audit and assurance, sharing them throughout our global network.

Staying alert to risk should always be a priority. That’s why we devote a considerable amount of attention and resources to ensuring our methods are compliant with the International Standards on Auditing.

RSM, as the founding member of Forum of Firms, constantly promotes auditing methodologies and transfers this experience to the member firms. RSM was the first network of audit companies that established common audit methodology in member companies in 1993. In general, membership of RSM means setting high standards of financial and auditing services worldwide.

RSM Georgia has extensive experience with the audit and assurance processes of local and international businesses. Our experience ranges from private and listed companies to subsidiaries of multinational organisations registered in Georgia. Our industry coverage is comprehensive, covering sectors such as banking, real estate, manufacturing, retail, energy, accommodation and hospitality, engineering and construction, distribution, publishing, services, advertising and many more.

That means you needn’t look further than us when it comes to audit and assurance services for your business.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

With IFRS set to increase its scope to around 150 countries in the coming years, having a full understanding of them is essential for your organisation’s international health. We provide full spectrum consulting services on IFRS, help you to join the dots on your international activity. We can help you with conversion projects, due diligence and GAAP reconciliations among many other related services, both on an SME level and at a larger scale.

Global and listed company audits

Our audit specialists are ready to help internationally active groups work through assurance standards including International Standards on Auditing, US GAAS and US PCAOB. Our goal globally is to provide the seamless delivery of high-quality audit services, and RSM Georgia is no different in its aim.

Local statutory audits

Our local statutory audits not only offer assurance that your accounts have been prepared according to proper regulatory standards, but they provide actionable feedback that will help your business to improve compliance and performance. Our audit specialists will work to understand your business and how it operates, which in turns helps us to create the intelligent insight and smart feedback we promise with our consulting services.

Other assurance

While our bread and butter auditing may surround traditional audits of financial statements, our services extend well beyond that. Should your business need service organisation control attestation, information systems and controls assurance, forensic audit and investigation or any review or assurance engagements – we can help.