Move forward with practical restructuring advisory support.

The hyper-competitive world of business can be ruthless, and we understand that every organisation will face their share of challenges along the way – some more than others. RSM’s restructuring services offer a vast portfolio of corporate and personal solutions to help you overcome those challenges and move forward with your organisational goals.

We offer teams of seasoned professionals in countless areas of expertise that offer support at every step of the business life cycle. Our specialism lies in working with company directors, financial institutions, turnaround professionals and venture capitalists to provide practical corporate restructuring advice that is tailored towards your specific business needs.

Our business restructure support services include:

  • Accelerated merger and acquisitions
  • Cash flow management
  • Contentious insolvency & fraud investigations
  • Corporate restructuring advice
  • Corporate simplification services
  • Covenant assessment services
  • Credit rating improvement
  • Creditor services
  • Distressed real estate
  • Financial review and reporting
  • Financial turnaround
  • Formal insolvency
  • Invoice finance and asset-based lending services

Corporate restructuring advice

If your business is showing signs of decline, calculated proactivity, not reactivity, is required to maximise your opportunity to recover. Therefore, the sooner you can seek specialist consultation, the better.

Our restructuring advisory team will immediately get to work on identifying the issues your business faces and developing actionable fixes to overcome them; drawing on our global network of professionals to come up with the most effective solutions available.

Corporate and personal insolvency advisory

Insolvency is a complex subject that naturally comes as unfamiliar territory to those who have to face it. Our corporate insolvency advice covers both contentious and formal insolvency scenarios, enabling you to deal with financial distress in the best way possible.

Our special investigations team can help guide you through a contentious insolvency case, while our formal insolvency team will work to achieve your organisation’s retrievable value when a correction or restructure isn’t available. Our teams can also work at a personal level, helping you to get the best result possible from times of financial hardship.

Corporate simplification

We offer tailored corporate simplification services for large corporates and owner-managed businesses, enabling organisations to reduce inefficiencies, manage risk and return surplus assets to shareholders through a detailed corporate rationalisation process.

Eliminate external costs and reduce internal ones, protect against corporate memory loss, mitigate risk and offer better corporate governance through our simplification support.

Financial turnaround

Again, proactivity is required when your business is showing signs of financial distress. RSM’s turnaround business restructure support can help you to stabilise your business through a tailored action plan that identifies and eliminates causes of underperformance within your organisation.