Protect yourself against business threats with our risk management services.

We specialise in risk management. We know that effective risk management solutions are critical to the performance of every organisation. To enhance the value that you deliver to your stakeholders, we can assist you in protecting your business and its success, enabling you to achieve your organisational goals faster.

We understand the threats that your business may face. From the global banking crisis to the rise of cybercrime and information governance, recent history demonstrates the importance of identifying threats, and the appropriate response, at an early stage. As a result, we are active, not reactive, and provide support and guidance as your systems and processes develop, helping you to comply with the increasing regulation and legislation across commerce and industry.

We’ll work alongside you to manage and mitigate your risks, providing assurance in times of economic volatility. Our risk management specialists’ expertise and knowledge ensure we remain at the forefront of implementing new approaches to managing risk. Our risk advisory services portfolio is extensive, meaning we can cover everything from internal audits to international development consultancy.

Robust and reliable, our risk advisory solutions can offer you assurance and an edge on decision making, meaning you’re ready for the next challenge, no matter what’s on the horizon.

Internal audits

Every business should understand the value of a detailed and effective internal audit process. Our risk advisors will work with your business closely to understand your strategic goals and drivers, advising on a workable delivery framework via a series of in-depth professional evaluations of the core of your business.

Our internal audit process is designed to give your stakeholders confidence and improve the effectiveness of your control environment at the very heart of your organisation. Our risk advisory consultants will offer actionable feedback for solutions and improvements, with the aim being to help you achieve your targets sooner through variety of dynamic services.

IT risk and advisory

It should come as no surprise that thorough technology risk assurance is absolutely essential to the success and efficiency of virtually every business. Problems surrounding IT systems can have significant consequences, even in the short term, which is why our specialist information security services are invaluable.

We can offer system assurance and interrogation to identify flaws in your IT system’s infrastructure, configuration and security management before they take effect. Proactivity is everything in this area, and we have the knowledge to stop system issues in their tracks before they’ve even begun to take effect.

Governance, risk and control

Sound and reliable governance and risk management are integral to successful organisations. When internal controls are regulated properly, businesses run smoothly and productively. When left unmonitored, the ramifications can be disastrous.

Our risk management specialists can guide you towards achieving the most value possible from your governance, risk and control framework through a process of review, redesign and implementation of practical and appropriate governance solutions.