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E2E encryption: should big tech be able to read people's messages?

Meta and the UK government are arguing over the development of super-secure messaging systems. End-to-end encryption allows only the sender and recipient to access messages, media, and phone calls, preventing app developers from accessing the content. The UK's Online Safety Bill, which is likely to be passed into law soon, aims to make technology companies build technical backdoors to allow messages to be scanned for illegal content. The UK government has criticized the technology, with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) releasing a survey suggesting that technology companies should be able to access people's messages to protect children. However, big tech companies see switching to end-to-end encryption as the key to rebuilding trust in their services.


IBM extends FinOps and cloud management capabilities with $4.6B Apptio acquisition

Hybrid-cloud infrastructure offers enterprises flexibility and cost-effectiveness for responding to changing business requirements, but the costs can be unpredictable. Apptio, a leading company in IT financial and technology business management, addresses this issue by providing cost management solutions. IBM recently acquired Apptio to improve its performance in Finop and cloud services. The core service of Apptio is to collect and analyse data from different sources within a company to optimize the clients' technology investment decisions. This upgrade allows IBM to better quantify the cost of operations and integrate with their existing APM tool to further help manage the cost and complexity of the modern hybrid-cloud.


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12 top reporting challenges and how to overcome them

Every organization relies on reporting to deliver real-time and historical data to monitor the company’s performance. However, many companies encounter a variety of related challenges, including a lack of data hygiene, security, static reporting, inexperienced staff, or inadequate reporting software. These challenges can fortunately be overcome with the proper approaches to data, including using targeted reporting tools and software such as NetSuite SuiteAnalytics. The system produces prebuilt and easily customizable reports, streamlining the process and making it easy to obtain important data or monitor business performance. With the necessary technologies, processes, and understanding of the organization’s needs, reporting-related challenges are surmountable.


Build more connections with new communities in Microsoft Teams and GroupMe features

Microsoft is announcing the most significant set of updates to the free version of Microsoft Teams since December 2022, with the rollout set to begin immediately. With these new updates, users can now collaborate with communities in Teams on Windows 11 devices, in addition to iOS and Android. Microsoft also announced support for Microsoft Designer in Teams on Windows 11. Powered by generative AI technology, Designer allows users to craft unique and personalized designs effortlessly. The latest update will also bring a host of new camera functionalities, including video recording and scanning and inviting multiple emails or phone numbers from an online document, paper directory, or any other list using a mobile camera.


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New mystic stealer malware targets 40 web browsers and 70 browser extensions

Mystic Stealer is a new information-stealing malware that extract data from different web browsers and web browser extensions. Like other crimeware, it focuses on stealing data and uses the C programming language, while the control panel was developed in Python. An update in May rendered this malware a more formidable threat, the update included a loader component that allows Mystic Stealer to retrieve and execute next-stage payloads fetched from a command-and-control server. After analysing Mystic Stealer, cybersecurity firm Cyfirma states that it is openly inviting suggestions for improvements in the stealer through a dedicated Telegram channel. They also stated that Mystic Stealer is attempting to focus on anti-analysis and defense evasion.


CISA issues DDoS warning after attacks hit multiple US orgs

US organizations across multiple industry sectors suffered from a DDoS attack recently. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced today that there are ongoing DDoS attacks targeting multiple US organizations. It is believed that the attack was committed by Anonymous Sudan, an actor who might be linked to Russia. CISA has been collaborating with the FBI and MS-ISAC to guide organizations what they should do before and after the attack, including providing help on the dedicated DDoS protection services that can reroute the malicious traffic away from the targeted devices. The affected organizations are also advised to use tools like GSA, MSS, and MTIPS to reduce the effect of DDoS attacks and restore the operation of the attacked system.