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What approach enterprises should take when it comes to migrating to the cloud

Transitioning to the cloud is an essential move for sizable enterprises aiming to remain competitive and leverage technological advancements. Nonetheless, it poses several hurdles, particularly for fintech and telecom companies, which must effectively manage the intersection of compliance and security requirements with the drive for innovation and the continuously evolving needs of customers. Cloud migration is essential for digital transformation, demanding thorough planning and execution. The outlined steps aid enterprises in approaching this task thoughtfully. However, partnering with a seasoned database services provider can ensure proper and cost-effective execution.


MWC 2024 will spotlight significant advancements in Generative AI and pre-6G technologies

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024 will focus on AI, 5G, and pre-6G technologies, with MediaTek, Huawei, and Qualcomm highlighting their advancements in these areas. MediaTek will showcase on-device Generative AI video diffusion and a 5G-Advanced New Radio Non-Terrestrial Network (NR-NTN) satellite test chip. Huawei hosted the 5G Beyond Growth Summit, discussing the rapid adoption of 5G and the upcoming 5.5G commercialization. At MWC, Huawei plans to launch 5G-Advanced (5G-A) products to address 5G capability gaps before 6G commercialization. Qualcomm will demonstrate a Giga-MIMO antenna prototype designed for the 13 GHz band, addressing the higher capacity demand expected in the 6G era.


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NetSuite's latest update introduces enhancements in Enterprise Performance Management and additional features

NetSuite 2024 Release 1 introduces new features aimed at enhancing the efficiency of finance professionals in various financial tasks like planning, budgeting, account reconciliation, financial close, and reporting. This release integrates enterprise-grade applications from Oracle into NetSuite's new Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) offering. NetSuite EPM consolidates planning, budgeting, forecasting, reconciliation, close, and reporting processes across the organization. By leveraging Oracle Fusion Cloud Performance Management and integrating it into NetSuite ERP, this suite of cloud applications enhances business visibility, decision-making, and the efficiency of finance teams.


SAP has created a new end-to-end growth area focused on AI

SAP has established a new unit dedicated to SAP Business AI, responsible for overseeing the entire value chain from product development and research to customer implementation. Philipp Herzig leads this unit, reporting directly to CEO Christian Klein since January 2024. Herzig's team collaborates across SAP to integrate artificial intelligence into all aspects of the company's portfolio. This move aims to accelerate the delivery of innovative business AI solutions and services to customers, highlighting the strategic importance of AI for SAP's growth. Walter Sun, a leader in product engineering, serves as the global head of AI within Herzig's team. Herzig expresses enthusiasm for driving enterprise innovation with customers and partners, emphasizing the transformative potential of responsible business AI.


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The UK has led an operation to disrupt the world's largest criminal ransomware group, Lockbit

The UK leads an operation targeting Lockbit, a prominent criminal ransomware group believed to be the world's largest. The National Crime Agency (NCA) infiltrates Lockbit's systems, seizing data and disrupting its operations. Lockbit, known for targeting companies and organizations, faces significant losses and reputational damage. The operation, coordinated with international law enforcement agencies, aims to dismantle Lockbit's infrastructure and undermine its credibility. While the group's leaders, based in Russia, remain beyond arrest, the operation marks a significant disruption in the fight against cybercrime.


“AI counterintuitively strengthens our defence on cybersecurity” Google CEO Sunder Pichai says

Google CEO Sundar Pichai suggests that rapid advancements in AI could enhance cybersecurity defences against evolving threats in cyberspace. Despite concerns about the potential misuse of AI, Pichai believes that AI tools can help governments and businesses detect and respond to security threats more quickly. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Pichai highlights the escalating volume and complexity of cyberattacks, which are increasingly used for power projection and financial extortion. According to estimates from Cybersecurity Ventures, cyberattacks cost the global economy $8 trillion in 2023, with projections indicating a rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025. However, a report from Britain's National Cyber Security Centre warns that AI may exacerbate cybersecurity threats by lowering barriers to entry for hackers and facilitating more malicious cyber activities, including ransomware attacks.