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UK supreme court ruled that AI cannot be the official holder of a patent

The highest court in the UK declared that artificial intelligence systems cannot officially own a patent. This decision aligns with legal developments in other Western countries and underscores the impending legal challenges for the growing field of generative AI. The ruling is consistent with legal principles observed in other Western jurisdictions. The US Copyright Office stipulates that human authorship is essential for copyright to apply to a work, and there are no ongoing legislative or regulatory initiatives to alter this stance. Similarly, EU copyright law mandates a "guiding human hand" for asserting copyright over a work.


Nvidia introduces a new gaming chip designed for the Chinese market to adhere to US export controls

"The GeForce RTX 4090 D has been designed to fully comply with U.S. government export controls. While developing this product, we extensively engaged with the U.S. government," Nvidia spokesperson said. The GeForce RTX 4090 D represents the inaugural chip specifically tailored for the Chinese market that Nvidia has officially introduced since the Biden Administration's unveiling of export rules in October. The new chip follows the blockage of two modified artificial intelligence (AI) chips, the A800 and H800, created by Nvidia for the Chinese market to adhere to prior export rules, along with a high-end gaming chip, the RTX 4090.


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NetSuite provides solutions for 16 biggest accounting challenges in 2024

Accounting teams commonly face challenges related to cash flow management, recruiting new talent, adapting to evolving tax and regulatory changes, and ongoing adjustments to remote work dynamics. While businesses may not have control over the economy, leveraging the right software empowers them to take a proactive stance in effectively managing their finances. NetSuite Cloud Accounting Software consolidates financial data from various sources into a unified platform, eliminating the manual input and cross-posting of information by employees. Repetitive and time-consuming accounting tasks can all be automated in real-time and in accordance with accounting regulations.


SAP announced updates on financial reporting and receivables financing practices in 2024

SAP has announced several updates to its financial reporting practices effective from January 1, 2024. These changes include incorporating share-based compensation expenses in non-IFRS results, excluding gains or losses from equity investments (particularly from SAPPHIRE Ventures) from non-IFRS results, categorizing gains or losses from smaller divestitures under non-operating income/expense, and discontinuing the company's receivables financing program ("SAP triggered financing"). “By implementing these updates, we hope to further increase the transparency of our operating results, while at the same time reducing short-term noise and volatility, “ said Dominik Asam, CFO and member of the Executive Board of SAP.


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New malware loader experiences a significant increase with hundreds of daily detections

Threat actors are employing a recently identified malware loader to distribute various information stealers, including Lumma Stealer (also known as LummaC2), Vidar, RecordBreaker (also known as Raccoon Stealer V2), and Rescoms. Cybersecurity firm ESET is tracking the trojan under the name Win/TrojanDownloader.Rugmi. In its Threat Report H2 2023, the company stated, "This malware functions as a loader with three distinct components: a downloader responsible for fetching an encrypted payload, a loader that executes the payload from internal resources, and another loader that executes the payload from an external file on the disk."


Chrome's latest safety check feature notifies users about compromised passwords

Google Chrome has introduced a new safety check feature designed to assist users in preserving their tab groups and optimizing memory usage. This addition enables users to maintain a smooth and efficient browser experience while prioritizing security. Proactive alerts will be triggered for potentially harmful Chrome extensions, outdated browser versions, compromised passwords, or site permissions that require attention. These alerts can be accessed in the Chrome browser's three-dot menu, providing users with a convenient way to take necessary actions.