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Webinar event: Towards IPO success with the latest ERP system

Towards IPO success with the latest ERP system Is your organization planning for IPO, or are you already a listed company? Does your ERP meet corporate governance requirements? Are you managing to prepare the financial statements promptly? Are you able to ensure transparency in financial statements? Join RSM's professionals for a discussion on Oracle NetSuite's capabilities, considerations for implementing Oracle NetSuite and how Oracle NetSuite transit your company from private to public by keeping financials accurate, up-to-date and being compliant with regulations.


Date: 9 March 2023 (Thursday)

Time: 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Hong Kong Time)


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How AI is disrupting the future of blockchain, from oracles to smart contracts

AI is widely used in the blockchain industry and one of the most significant ways is developing smart contracts by automating the process of creating and verifying smart contracts. AI is also used in oracles to transmit real-world data to the blockchain. AI will strengthen blockchain security as it helps detect and prevent fraud, hacking, various malicious activities, and code errors. AI also helps automate the process of creating and executing smart contracts, making it more efficient. In addition, using AI in the blockchain industry can lead to new business opportunities, for example, creating new products and services. In conclusion, the combination of AI and blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work.


Pathways to a more sustainable data center

Leaders of IT, infrastructure and operations are searching for ways to make data centers more environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient. However, pressures are coming from different directions as the environmental footprint directly impacts the company’s bottom lines and pursuing operational efficiency and overall sustainability of their facilities is not easy. In some cases, evolution in power and cooling efficiency will hit its limits, so companies need to develop a comprehensive system that incorporates accurate and measurable metrics of their environmental footprint. Data center sustainability best practices can be broken into several key factors, including location, staffing, facility automation, and monitoring. From an executive level, the constantly shifting pressures mean agility is required to take advantage of the best possible options frequently.


NetSuite 2023 release 1 brings efficiencies and employee engagement with new workforce solution

A NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management System has been developed for businesses to streamline applications and spreadsheets used for work and provide a better experience for employees and managers. It serves to offer a visual shift scheduling tool that combines forecasts, templates, and models to optimize staffing, workforce insights, as well as employee working hours for managers. With SuitePeople Time Clock, employees and managers can utilize the mobile app to manage their time and daily activities and calculate wages accurately instead of using paper timecards. NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management also helps update companies’ financials in real-time, eliminating manual processes, disjoined systems, and the cost of third-party services.


NetSuite Analytics Warehouse 2023 release 1 streamlines access to relevant business data and insights

It is crucial to populate the data warehouse, create data storage models and build out analytics to provide insights into ongoing operations and guidance on future developments. But as data analytics might be too costly and time-consuming for emerging businesses, NetSuite Analytics Warehouse solves these problems for NetSuite customers with industry-leading technologies. In its 2023 Release 1, customers have access to nearly 90% of NetSuite transactional record types and can enhance analyses with new data sets in several areas. They can also gain direct connections to three of the most used cloud applications: Salesforce, Shopify, and Google Analytics. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse also provides a REST-based interface for importing data from other active data sources.


10 million customers exposed in JD Sports cyber attack

Fashion retailer JD Sports has reported a cyberattack by which up to 10 million customer accounts may have been compromised. The company’s representative has apologized for the incident and urged users to be prepared for a potential spike in phishing emails in the wake of the incident. Research shows that retailers have become an increasingly lucrative target for cybercriminals and similar cases have taken place more frequently in 2021 and 2022. Experts explain the main reason behind this is the volume of consumer data retailers process and hold. The increased use of technology by the industry to reduce overheads and streamline operations has raised the risk even further.


KeePass disputes vulnerability allowing stealthy password theft

KeePass is a very popular open-source password manager that manages passwords with a locally stored database. The development team behind which is disputing a newly found vulnerability that allows attackers to alter the KeePass XML configuration file and export the entire database in plain text. Users asked the team to add a confirmation prompt before silent database exports and a configurable flag to disable exporting inside the actual KeePass database, while the team argued that this should not be classified as a vulnerability given that attackers can also obtain the information contained through other means. If the user has installed KeePass as a regular program, the attackers with write access can perform various kinds of attacks, which can only be prevented by keeping the environment secure.