Oracle NetSuite: An ERP solution

Oracle NetSuite

An innovative ERP solution brought to you by RSM Hong Kong in partnership with Oracle NetSuite

About NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is the top Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to help manage and modernize your business. As a platform it allows users to efficiently manage all key business processes in a single system. Their platform is not only efficient; it is also convenient as it requires no hardware or software maintenance fees and setting it up is quick and uncomplicated. They provide their services as an enterprise ERP to over 20 000 Corporate clients, making it the largest provider in the world. Oracle Netsuite is a well rounded, well-developed platform to suit all your needs.

Why oracle netsuite

Their ERP software enables all of its clients to remain competetive and relevant in the modern financial climate. From inventory management to other important business functions, such as Customer relationship management (CRM) and tracking their financials. Their platform has the ability to make key business functions and processes that much more efficient, allowing you and your business to continue growing and ultimately achieve your goals. Due to the platforms versitility, it remains the one-stop shop to increase efficiency across all of your business processes.

why choose rsm as your oracle netsuite partner?

  1. Multi award-winning NetSuite partner
  2. End-to-end implementation, integration, and advisory services
  3. Dedicated, qualified and experienced team of in-house ERP specialists in Hong Kong that can cover your company’s expansion
  4. Global network, international capabilities
  5. Attentive to client needs and resources
  6. Operates across a wide variety of industries

what can oracle netsuite do for your business

oracle netsuite, erp     



Financial Management

oracle netsuite, erp     



Vendor Transaction management

oracle netsuite, erp   



Suite Analytics

oracle netsuite, erp     



Customer Relationship management

oracle netsuite, erp    



Order Managment

oracle netsuite, erp     



Budget Managment and Reporting


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