"Drive digital transformation within your organization with the right technology"

In today’s fast-changing digitally-led economy, most businesses are currently going through some form of digital transformation. Organizations have the ability to implement innovation digital strategies that can drive positive change for employees, customers and operations. The journey to digital transformation can be challenging, time-consuming and potentially risky. Companies must understand how to choose and prioritize the right technology and gain buy-in from stakeholders within the business.

RSM Hong Kong Head of Technology and Management Consulting speaks at the conferences hosted by HKICPA and PICPA

In the past months, our Head of Technology and Management Consulting, Mr. Jason Yau, was being invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants to be the moderator of the panel “Innovative trends and best practices on the future of work” during the IT Virtual Conference 2021.

RSM Hong Kong Partner tells readers his insights about technology and businesses in Hong Kong

“APAC’s middle market is learning to speak a universal language,” says Mr. Jason Yau, our Partner of Technology and Management Consulting and APAC Regional Leader for RSM International. The aim of learning a universal language is going to global and be successful on the international stage.