Case Studies/Credentials

Client Focus Area Key Results
Non – Ferrous Metal Manufacturer Warehouse operations review  20-25% improvement opportunities in space utilization, 20-30% improvement in manpower productivity & TAT improvement
Outbound Transportation cost 5-7% cost reduction in in 66 domestic routes
Process Standardization Developed SOP and Model Warehouse template
Home Textile Manufacturer Supply Chain costs review  Identified 5-8% cost reduction in export logistics spend
5% cost reduction in 2 job work vendors
Leading pulp & paper manufacturer Domestic outbound and Import cost reduction 3-5% cost reduction in domestic distribution, 9% in import logistics spend   for 1 plant, 15 destinations, 1 port, 2 dry ports
Leading Chemicals Player Supply Chain Costs Reduction 7% cost reduction across inbound and outbound supply chain at two plants and 30+ domestic routes using chemical tankers
Vehicle Tracking System implementation Implementation of GPS platform ‘Nicer Globe’ for vehicle tracking and safety
Home Textile Manufacturer Export Logistics Spend Identified 10-15% potential for cost reduction in plant to port transportation for exports
Leading transformer manufacturer Domestic Outbound Logistics Cost 8% reduction in domestic outbound transportation cost  from 2 manufacturing locations to 15 destinations
Leading Luggage Manufacturer Outbound Supply Chain Cost Reduction Identified 5 – 15% potential for reduction of transportation costs on top 2 routes from the mother warehouse
Leading ceramic tile manufacturer Outbound logistics spend review 10-15% cost reduction potential identified  from 3 manufacturing locations to 45 destinations
Retail Store Chain Secondary Transportation cost review Identified 5-10% cost reduction opportunities for 3 routes, which contribute ~ 60% of total freight
Refractory Material Manufacturer In-Plant Logistics Optimization Identified opportunities to optimize material flow within the plant, improvement of utilization of truck plaza within the plant
Healthcare chain Supply Chain and operations review Identified opportunities for person productivity improvement and improvement of turn around time via KPIs monitoring
Leading Pharmaceutical Player Logistics cost review  Identified 7% cost reduction opportunities for top 10 routes, which contribute ~ 70% of total freight