Supply Chain Consulting

Logistics & Warehousing have been key constituents of Supply Chain, driving the movement and storage of goods across the businesses and consumer markets. While most of the corporates drive efficiency improvement programs across value chain, logistics and warehousing have remained the most neglected, probably because of the dependency on unorganized players. However, thanks to significant changes in landscape of Logistics infrastructure in the recent past, there are significant opportunities arising for extracting value.

RSM India experience with quite a few clients and ongoing research has shown that there is a potential of 5 to 10 % cost reduction opportunities depending on maturity of the Supply Chain operation for the company. RSM has developed an indigenous, trusted and proven  " Logistics cost assessment tool "  which can throw up the levels of gap between the target logistics price Vs the actual one being spent by the company.  Needless to say that we have benchmark rates of various logistics players for various corridor to complement the tool.

RSM India provides its clients with plethora of offerings in the area of Supply Chain Consulting, through tangible and intangible benefits delivered by our qualified and experienced consulting team.