Six sigma

Performance and process improvements have become the mantra for survival in the wake of dynamic market conditions and ever increasing customer demands. Among the several tools and techniques being employed to bring about performance improvements, Six Sigma is proving to be one of the most effective and versatile tools.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to improve operational performance by reducing the defects that are inherent to the nature of the process. Six Sigma methodology adopts a specific problem solving approach that helps organizations in improving processes and products. Contrary to popular belief, Six Sigma can be applied to all types of organizations-Manufacturing, Service, BPO’s etc.

Typical Benefits of Six Sigma:

Six Sigma can be applied to all functions within an organization. Some of the examples are:

  • Commercial / Finance Cost reduction, working capital optimization
  • Operations / Quality Control: Reduction in defects / rejections, reduced inspection stages
  • Logistics: Improved inventory turnaround, improved delivery performance
  • Human Resources: Reduction in staff turnover
  • Marketing and Sales: Improved enquiry to order ratio, greater levels of customer satisfaction


Key elements of Six Sigma methodology include identifying areas that need to be addressed and creating project teams that will be assigned responsibility for addressing the issues. The project teams shall consist of members drawn from various affected areas of operation and they shall undergo required training. Next step of implementation is project execution and keeping the reinvented wheel of performance and process improvement rotating. Needless to say, top management commitment is essential.

How we can help:

RSM role in implementing Six Sigma projects would include:

  • Interacting with management to identify improvement areas
  • Assistance in the process of formulation of “Project Team”
  • Training team members
  • Providing technical support to team in terms of statistical analysis
  • Guidance to the team in arriving at solutions
  • Assistance in implementing the solution by providing strategic and operational inputs

Six sigma implementation - Advantage RSM:

  • RSM is the seventh largest global audit, tax and consulting network and RSM in India is consistently ranked amongst India’s top six accounting and consulting groups
  • We have on our rolls certified Black Belt and Lead Assessor with exposure to different industrial sectors and their quality management practices. With professionals drawn from different disciplines, RSM is in a unique position to be your Six Sigma Consultant
  • Close association and working relationship with Indian Statistical Institute, pioneer in the field of Six Sigma
  • Extensive experience in advisory, taxation and accounting matters across various industries and service verticals
  • Multi-disciplinary team of professionals comprising of Chartered Accountants, Management Graduates, Engineers, Company Secretaries, CISA / DISA, Cost Accountants and Law graduates
  • Indian personnel strength of over 1,200 people having expertise in diverse fields and nationwide presence


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