COVID-19 | Overview of the main measures introduced by Legislative Decree "Cura Italia"

We have summarised the main provisions introduced by the "Cura Italia" Decree Law of 17 March 2020, limited to tax, employment law and corporate matters, in order to make them easier to understand and to provide readers with useful information to support their decision-making processes.

In particular, the following passages of the decree have been examined:

  1. Provisions relating to payments
  2. Provisions on tax obligations
  3. Provisions on the approval of financial statements and conduct of shareholders’ meeting
  4. Bonus and incentives
  5. Assessment - collection - litigation - terms suspension and postponement


This text is intended to be the first of a series of in-depth studies on new legislation and regulations directly related to the COVID-19 emergency. For any information request please contact your RSM professional or use our contact info.

Read or download the full text of the in-depth circular letter.


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