Our private client services can cover a wide range of issues such as tax compliance, investment planning, relocation, residence changes and their implications, succession and retirement plannings, real estate acquisitions, art, culture and charity. 

Many people, particularly those with high net worth, face complex issues when deciding on the best way to manage their resources, especially if they are allocated in several countries. All over the world, legislation is becoming increasingly intricate, tax authorities are tightening controls and the overall global sharing of financial information involves an increased risk of investigation. Consequently, it is essential that the holders of significant assets have the certainty of operating in compliance with the rules, without however renouncing to the maximization of rents and profits. 

In the face of increasing mobility of people, capital and business, knowing the constraints, fiscal and macroeconomic opportunities, the trends of the various countries is undoubtedly an enabling factor for an aware decision making able to recognize investment opportunities that are otherwise unexplored. It is therefore increasingly important to be supported by advisers with multidisciplinary skills in private client services also operating in international contexts. 

Aimed by the desire to serve our clients in a seamless way across the world, in RSM Studio Tributario e Societario we constantly develop relationships with the other member firms in order to strengthen the quality of our advice that take care of all the relevant aspects and peculiarities in the various jurisdictions. We thus stand out on the market on the basis of our ability to deal with the most delicate and complex cross-border issues. All the crucial moments of our lives and the relationships that we establish have tax implications. 

The experts of RSM Studio Tributario e Societario will advise on every aspect of your personal tax position, starting from how to prepare and file your tax return, up to how to manage any capital gains, from the tax advantages achievable in case of purchase of dwellings (mortgage or lease), up to how to benefit from renovation and energy efficiency incentives, from how to protect one’s assets, up to how to plan one’s succession by minimizing taxation. 

The services provided by RSM Studio Tributario e Societario to private clients include: 

  • resolution of issues related to the tax residence in Italy and the potential double taxation
  • preparation of tax returns (including the RW section regarding assets held abroad) and the management of recurring tax compliance
  • advice on IRPEF and IRAP
  • advice on the taxation of capital gains
  • advice on taxation of real estate held in Italy or abroad
  • advice on inheritance tax
  • advice on taxation of asset protection instruments, from capital funds to trusts.


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